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About Me

My name is Delane Vaughn, MD. I am a board certified family medicine doctor with over 24-years of experience in health care. During this time, I’ve filled a variety of patient care roles starting as a phlebotomist, then an emergency room nurse, and now a doctor. As a doctor, I’ve worked with hospitalized patients and delivered primary care in an outpatient clinic. Currently, I am a family medicine doctor in a Federally Qualified Health Clinic providing care to underserved populations.

While my roles in medicine have changed over the years, my passion and commitment for disease prevention has remained fixed. I believe the prevention of chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, is fundamental to having a good quality of life. In fact, my personal statement that I submitted with my application for medical school emphasized my passion for preventive health care. This conviction has caused me to seek out new methods and techniques to encourage my patients to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Like most doctors, I started my career teaching patients about diseases to inspire better life choices. When basic education didn’t work, I began employing motivational interviewing techniques, writing scripts for exercise, referring patients to nutrition counselling, and many other strategies. These efforts typically failed miserably.

I found myself wondering, “Why are people not able or willing to make changes to live a healthier, better life?” As doctors, we shift the blame to the patients believing people are unhealthy because they are uneducated, unmotivated or undisciplined. When examined more critically, this assumption didn’t make sense. For example, many of my overweight or obese patients are successful in other aspects of their lives. As corporate leaders, my patients manage multi-million-dollar budgets. Patients who are lawyers, research complex case law and apply it to client’s situations. Overweight doctors (there are many) successfully navigate medical school and a grueling residency program. Yet, according to doctors, these successful professionals can’t be trusted manage their diet.

Like many of my patients, I also was dealing with uncontrolled eating and steady weight gain. I had been gestationally diabetic and knew that this put me a much higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  Like my patients, I was educated and self-disciplined but was struggling to manage my diet. Often, I would clear a five-pound bag of M&Ms – the whole bag! Then, I would go home feeling horrible from my poor food choices. The next day, I would wake up resolved to eat well and by 9 a.m. I would be searching for chocolate.

To gain control over my own addiction to food, I started researching and came across a life coach who worked exclusively with physicians. She helped her clients gain “freedom from food” by addressing the underlying reasons for eating. I wanted to be free from the lure of food, so I started my journey. Slowly and steadily, I made dietary changes and began addressing my thoughts, emotions and pattern of behaviors that had emerged over many years. I lost weight, gained control and started down a new course personally and professionally.

Now, as a personal life coach, I’m using the same tools and techniques to help my clients achieve their goals. By addressing the underlying thoughts, emotions and actions, I’m able to help people achieve effective and sustained weight loss. Through life coaching, I’m able to help people address addiction to food, tobacco or other vices, and gain control over their lives. Using life coaching techniques, I’m able to help pre-diabetics improve blood sugars through lifestyle and diet modification rather than medication. As a life coach, I’m finally fulfilling my purpose of helping people achieve a better quality of life through preventive health.

If you are interested in effective and permanent weight loss, contact me today for a free mini-coaching session.