Ep #7 February Weight Loss Blues

Did you start the new year resolved to lose weight? Is your commitment starting to wane? When it comes to weight loss, it’s easy to lose motivation. Perhaps, in a moment of weakness you snuck a cookie or some chips. Eventually, these little cheats lead to bigger cheats and then – BAM – you’ve quit. We all want an easy button when it comes to motivation. The truth is, motivation is like a muscle and the more you flex it the stronger it gets. In this podcast, we discuss how to overcome unproductive thoughts that undermine our motivation and sabotage weight loss goals.

Ep #6 Good & Bad Emotions

Do you use food, alcohol or another vice to buffer away negative emotions? Buffering is the attempt to avoid feeling bad by pursing false pleasures. The truth is, a truly authentic and full-life is a balance of positive and negative emotions. Recognizing and accepting this balance can help to avoid many of the pitfalls that undermine weight loss efforts. In this podcast, I discuss the very challenging concept that good and bad emotions are necessary and learning to accept and manage this balance is essential.

Ep #5 Failure: The Key to Success

When it comes to losing weight, most people look for “fool proof” diet plans that promise success without decision-making. When these highly-structured plans don’t work, we blame the plan. Shifting blame to the plan allows our primitive brain to emotionally insulate ourselves from feelings of failure. This natural inclination to avoid feelings of failure undermines weight loss efforts by removing the trial and error process, which is necessary to achieve success. This podcast discusses how this fear of failure may be undermining your weight loss efforts.

Ep #4 Fasting: The Other F-Word

Anyone who knows me, knows I drop the f-bomb like it’s a comma. In this Podcast I discuss another f-word… FASTING. The concept of fasting is not new. For centuries, people have fasted a variety of reasons including politically-motivated hunger strikes and religious observances. Yet today if you mention fasting, most people cringe and explain “low-blood-sugar makes them cranky.” A growing body of research suggests that fasting, or specifically intermittent fasting, is effective for weight loss and managing common weight-related disease.

Intermittent Fasting FAQs

Following my Facebook LIVE on intermittent fasting, I was inundated with questions. I put together this FAQs on fasting to provide additional clarity and information.

Your Brain and Food: Why We Eat

Your Brain and Food: Why We Eat Do you struggle with weight loss? Perhaps you have tried various diets only to experience initial weight loss followed by plateaus and relapse. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with overeating or other unhealthy patterns of behavior. While we often blame ourselves…

Question Everything to Achieve Anything

Question Everything to Achieve Anything Whether you achieve or fail at a goal is typically determined before you ever start.  This is because we often give power to thoughts that don’t serve us. These thoughts undermine our success by creating mental roadblocks or limitations on achievement. Whether you are looking to lose weight, stop smoking…