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Start Losing Weight Today

Are you a busy professional struggling to lose weight? Do you struggle with food cravings and overeating? If you’ve lost and gained the same 20, 50 or even 100+ pounds repeatedly, DelaneMD can help.

Who is DelaneMD?

My name is Delane Vaughn, MD. Like you, I’ve struggled with uncontrolled eating and steady weight gain. With the help of my own life coach, I gained freedom from my food addiction by addressing the underlying reasons for my eating. My life coach was so influential in improving my life, I became a life coach myself. Now, I use my medical degree and life coaching techniques to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

How is DelaneMD different from other programs?

My approach offers the support and education you need to permanently lose weight and avoid weight-related diseases. Most commercial programs only offer eating plans. My program offers a robust weight loss curriculum that includes education on food choices, goal setting, managing unproductive thoughts and much more. I approach each client as an individual, which means we can focus on your unique challenges, goals and results. Together, we address the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cause overeating and undermine weight loss efforts. There is no magic pill, no gimmicks, products, surgery or fad diets.

Are you a health professional?

Are you a health professional who struggles to lose weight? Do you feel inauthentic counseling patient on poor lifestyle choices while you struggle to control your own eating? With over 25 years working in health care, I understand the unique challenges health professionals face when trying to lose weight. Working nights, stress and burnout are a few factors that can undermine weight loss efforts. I offer practical solutions tailored for clinical professionals who want to lose weight permanently.

While I’ll work with anyone with a sincere desire to lose weight, working with health professionals allows me to relate my own experiences and reach more people by teaching the teachers.

Not a health professional?

Has your doctor warned you that high blood pressure and diabetes are caused by excess body mass? If you are not a health professional, or you are a health professional looking to refer a patient, I can help.

As a doctor, my passion is disease prevention.  For patients with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or dyslipidemia, this often means losing weight.  Weight loss, however, doesn’t happen during a 15-minute doctor visit. As a coach, I provide the support, education and time necessary to help my clients lose weight and manage weight-related diseases.

How does DelaneMD work?

Most people know what to eat… they just don’t do it. When you are busy, stressed or tired, motivation and self-discipline often diminish. Learning to manage these unproductive thoughts and emotions are necessary to gain control over eating.

My program includes education and coaching. Like any great athlete or team, people often need a coach.  Coaches push you to be your best by providing constructive feedback, encouragement and motivation. While ultimately, you are accountable for your own actions, a coach helps you achieve your potential by asking the hard questions and digging into your thoughts, which produce your feelings, actions and results.

As your coach, we can have frequent interactions through coaching sessions, e-mail, video and online platforms. These interactions can be in-person or virtual sessions.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Coaching is provided one-to-one so we can address your unique situation, health status and goals. Contact me to set-up a free consultation to see how it works.