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Are you scared life is being cut short by diabetes? If you are tired of being sick and the constant cycle of adding new medications, you are in the right place. I'm sharing how to get started resolving type 2 diabetes naturally without medications or injection.

Freedom from Diabetes 

Do you worry diabetes or prediabetes is shortening your life? You are not alone. Many intelligent, self-reliant, high-achieving professionals are frustrated about being sick. They manage companies and navigate complex processes, but struggle to gain control over basic health.

Furthermore, the healthcare system only offers medications that have side-effects like nausea, bloating and weight gain. And, for those on insulin, finger sticks and injections are painful and inconvenient. They are worried, saddened and even fearful that life is passing them by while they are sick.

If you desire freedom from diabetes without medications, DelaneMD is your solution. Learn more about our evidence-based programs.

Client Testimonials

As a nurse, I thought I understood diabetes. I tried everything to stay off insulin. I felt like it was hopeless, and I resolved myself to a lifetime of diabetes and insulin. Then, I found DelaneMD. Dr. Vaughn taught me a new, sustainable approach. Today, I feel better, have more energy, lost weight and have stopped several medications.

- Kim B. (Listen to Kim's Story)

randy e after 100x100

A year ago, I was desperate, sick, and resigned to feeling like crap for the rest of my life. Today my diabetes is reversed, I am down 75 pounds, and off all medicine. DelaneMD saved my life! If you are where I was a year ago, you deserve to feel better too.

- Randy E. (Listen to Randy's Story)

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