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Coaching to reverse insulin resistance, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

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Medical research supports reversing type 2 diabetes through lifestyle modification. It takes the right tools, strategies, & mindset. You can achieve your dream of a healthy, diabetes-free future.


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Type 2 diabetes is NOT something going WRONG with your body.

It is a NATURAL RESPONSE to the things

you are feeding your body.

Are you an intelligent, self-reliant, professional woman frustrated about being sick?

That’s a valid reaction and you are not alone.

Women have been taught suffer alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

High-achieving professionals know that a key component of success is having the right tools and the support you need. 

Your health is no different!

Many women manage their company & navigate complex processes but struggle to gain control over their health.

It’s hard. And not a skill women have been taught to master. I’ve been there and cake (or name your vice) is tempting, easy, & tasty. 

The good news is evidence supports reversing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance with lifestyle modifications.

If you worry diabetes or insulin resistance is shortening your life,

you are not alone.

With the right strategies and tools, you can claim a future without diabetes and other insulin resistant conditions. 

And with DelaneMD, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. 

Delane Vaughn, MD

hey there

I'm Dr. Delane Vaughn

My journey to gain control over my own health led me to life coaching and medical research. I hired my own life coach who helped me slowly and steadily make dietary changes by addressing my thoughts, emotions and pattern of behaviors that had emerged over many years. I uncovered medical research that contradicted the conventional wisdom promoted in the dietary guidelines. I lost weight, gained control and started down a new course personally and professionally.

Today, as a certified life coach, I’m helping clients reverse diabetes naturally without medication. I’m helping clients live happier, healthier and more natural lives. Through the science of medicine, I challenge fixed beliefs, and provide guidance and education. With the tools and techniques of life coaching, I help clients make better decisions and live in a way that serves their health.

I’m finally fulfilling my purpose of helping people achieve a better quality of life through prevention of disease.

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Ep201: The Biggest Obstacle to Reversing Your Type 2 Diabetes

We all watch the numbers. We wring our hands over our glucometers and our scales. We watch them with baited breath and then when they do not go in the direction we hope, we throw in the towel and down a pint of Ben and Jerrry’s. We feel defeated and sometimes hopeless that we will ever figure out how to be naturally healthy. This is because we are so heavily attached to the numbers. This podcast episode discusses what attachment is and why it works against us when we are trying to reverse our type 2 diabetes. Check it out! Tell me what you think!

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Ep200: How to Improve Your Relationships

We all want to have amazing relationships. Women frequently feel our value is determined by the relationships in our lives. We struggle because we cannot control the other humans in our relationships. This leads to feelings of hurt, disappointment, and sometimes anger. Our society teaches us that others in our lives have to change in order for our relationships to be good. We try to make that happen, and others in our lives feel manipulated. We can’t understand why it doesn’t fix our relationships.

This podcast will break down where the problem is with this approach we are taught in society and give you a functional strategy for changing. Check it out!

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Ep199: Learn how to do hard BETTER!

Many women block the results they want to see in their life due to their resistance to doing the hard things. They exchange advancements in careers, meaningful relationships, and health and longevity for the resistance of doing the uncomfortable thing. They postpone what they want in their lives waiting for the outcome to be easier. Naturally, this keeps them stuck. The meaningful things in life are never easy. The “easy” is not meaningful. For type 2 diabetes, the “easy” is taking meds, injecting insulin, eating the foods that you that keep you sick, and staying diabetic. That’s easy. The hard part is living healthy. If living healthy was “easy,” it would not be elusive. EVERYBODY would be doing it. And it would be nothing to talk about.

Meaningful endeavors are always going to be hard. Waiting for them to be easy means you will never do them. This episode discusses this topic as it was presented by Kara Lawson, the head coach of the women’s basketball team at Duke University. She, aptly states, we need to get better at doing hard things. BOOM! She is spot on. Take a minute to check out her 3 minute clip and then listen to this episode of Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD to hear how to apply this mindset to your type 2 diabetes!

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