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Resolving diabetes naturally 

Diabetes is often considered an incurable chronic condition. Medical research now suggests type 2 diabetes can be resolved with lifestyle modification. For patients, this typically means better blood sugar control and less or no medication.

My name is Delane Vaughn, MD. As a doctor and certified life coach, I’m passionate about helping people learn to manage and resolve type 2 diabetes naturally without medications or insulin.

Common medical practices manage type 2 diabetes with pills and injections. While these medications normalize blood sugars, they aren’t resolving or reversing your diabetes. Additionally, medications are expensive, and injections or finger sticks are painful. Over time these medications can stress a patient’s kidneys and lead to weight gain, which can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, joint paint and much more.

Diabetes is not something gone wrong with your body. It is a natural response to the things you are feeding your body. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed without the use of medications through lifestyle change. If you are looking for a better – more naturally healthy – way, contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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Are you scared life is being cut short by diabetes? If you are tired of being sick and the constant cycle of adding new medications, you are in the right place. I'm sharing how to get started resolving type 2 diabetes naturally without medications or injection.