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Medical research supports reversing type 2 diabetes through lifestyle modification. It takes the right tools, strategies, & mindset. You can achieve your dream of a healthy, diabetes-free future.

I have created this 14 day guide to show you IT IS POSSIBLE to see better blood sugars in just 2 weeks!

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I'm Dr. Delane Vaughn

As a physician, I know how frustrating it can be to make changes to your diet but not see the health results you want. 

After a pregnancy complicated with gestational diabetes, I found myself insulin resistant and gaining weight.  
I was doing what the doctors said to do.
But I was not seeing the results I wanted.  

I fixed my prediabetes and insulin resistance.  I can show you how too! 
I am Delane Vaughn, MD, board certified family medicine doctor and health coach.  I have helped hundreds of women reverse their insulin resistance and their type 2 diabetes by overcoming obstacles and resistance, and practicing common sense dietary changes.  

I can help you, too. 

In just 2 weeks!

EP255: Exercise for Better Blood Sugars Q&A

In this episode, I address common exercise-related questions. I recap how exercise improves blood sugar by burning glucose through non-insulin dependent pathways and how building muscle helps you manage blood sugars. I’ll answer questions about HIIT, carb recommendations during exercise (30-60 grams per hour of cardio), and metformin’s effect on mitochondria. I’ll also discuss daily protein intake and its role in muscle recovery. Additionally, I’ll share motivational tips for overcoming mental barriers to exercise, emphasizing the importance of accepting challenges as part of the process.

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EP254: How to Exercise for Better Blood Sugars

In this episode, I focus on the importance of building muscle over cardio for managing type 2 diabetes. I discuss switching from exercising to be thin to exercising with a focus on overall health and body composition. Remember if you have complications with your diabetes complications, get cleared by your doctor. I review how strenuous exercise benefits insulin resistance and blood sugars. I review and critique various exercise recommendations from the ADA, AHA, and others. Key strategies include incorporating regular aerobic and resistance exercises, aiming for 420 minutes of activity weekly, and focusing on functional exercises that enhance daily life capabilities. Check it out. Try it out!

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EP253: Exercise for Better Blood Sugars!

Diabetes involves high blood sugar levels caused by insulin resistance. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, helps cells absorb glucose for energy. Overexposure to insulin makes cells resistant, preventing glucose from entering and causing high blood sugar. Carbohydrates like flour, sugars, and bread increase blood sugar. To address diabetes, insulin resistance must be tackled. Exercise is a key tool for this, as muscle contractions enable glucose absorption without insulin, lowering blood sugar and reducing insulin production. Maintaining muscle mass is crucial for overall health. Start with simple exercises like walking, sit-to-stand, and wall push-ups, gradually increasing to 210 minutes per week.

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