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Meet Delane Vaughn, MD

My name is Delane Vaughn, MD. I am a board-certified family medicine doctor with over 25-years of experience in health care. During this time, I’ve filled a variety of patient care roles starting as a radiology clerk, then an emergency room nurse, and now a doctor. As a doctor, I’ve worked with hospitalized patients and delivered primary care in an outpatient clinic. Currently, I am a family medicine doctor in a Federally Qualified Health Clinic providing care to underserved populations.

While my roles in medicine have changed over the years, my passion and commitment for disease prevention has remained fixed. I believe the prevention of chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, is fundamental to having a good quality of life. In fact, my personal statement that I submitted with my application for medical school emphasized my passion for preventive health care. This conviction has caused me to seek out new methods and techniques to encourage my patients to make healthy lifestyle choices.

As a doctor in practice, I struggled to understand why my patients who were successful in other areas of their lives could not make healthy lifestyle choices successfully. Also, like my patients, I was educated and self-disciplined but was struggling to manage my own health. I knew there had to be a different and better way.

My journey to gain control over my own health led me to life coaching and medical research. I hired my own life coach who helped me slowly and steadily make dietary changes by addressing my thoughts, emotions and pattern of behaviors that had emerged over many years. I uncovered medical research that contradicted the conventional wisdom promoted in the dietary guidelines. I lost weight, gained control and started down a new course personally and professionally.

Today, as a certified life coach, I’m helping clients reverse diabetes naturally without medication. I’m helping clients live happier, healthier and more natural lives. Through the science of medicine, I challenge fixed beliefs, and provide guidance and education. Through the tools and techniques of life coaching, I help clients make better decisions and live in a way that serves their health. I’m finally fulfilling my purpose of helping people achieve a better quality of life through prevention of disease.

If you are interested in resolving diabetes or prediabetes naturally and without medication, contact me for a free consultation to learn more.

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Are you scared life is being cut short by diabetes? If you are tired of being sick and the constant cycle of adding new medications, you are in the right place. I'm sharing how to get started resolving type 2 diabetes naturally without medications or injection.