EP218: Coaching Call with Kathleen

Many women with type 2 diabetes know what it means to food prep, count carbs, check their blood sugars, and exercise daily. But what does it mean to be “coached?” Many women do not know what this means or why it will help them fix their diabetes.

This podcast is meant to clear it up! A lovely listener has agreed to be coached for the benefit of all. Check it out and reap the benefits!

EP217: How Your Brain Can Use Questions to Fix Your Type 2 Diabetes

This episode highlights the role of questions in our thought processes. Questions framed as predictions or assumptions can indeed lead to confusion, while constructive questions can facilitate problem-solving and self-discovery. Effective coaching often involves asking more empowering and solution-focused questions, encouraging self-compassion and growth. Learning to use effective questions in the Thought Model, guides you in understanding the profound impact of your thoughts on your feelings, actions, and results. Learn why you want to say goodbye to confusing and self-sabotaging questions and embrace empowering ones. Mastering the tool of powerful questions will empower you to take control of your life and overcome obstacles, including type 2 diabetes, by harnessing the incredible potential of your mind.

EP216: Breaking Free from Excuses: A Path to Health and Wellness

This episode paints a vivid picture of the excuse cycle by following a scenario involving afternoon candy cravings, ultimately leading to a cascade of poor choices and negative emotions. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and embracing uncomfortable emotions like desire, frustration, overwhelm, and boredom instead of using food as a coping mechanism.
I outline how women can create plans from their rational, goal-oriented minds (the prefrontal cortex) to counteract impulsive decisions driven by the primitive brain’s desire to avoid discomfort. By naming and acknowledging the feelings that trigger unhealthy eating habits, you can learn to develop resilience and gain insight into your thought patterns.