EP:226 Coaching Call with Megali

This is a great coaching call with regular listener, Megali! Just like you, Megali is a total badass. She knows what to do to fix her type 2 diabetes but struggles to implement these changes consistently. Her biggest struggle surrounds her emotional eating spurred by her mother’s recent passing. She has so many memories and some heartache, that chocolate seems to soothe, at the expense of her health.

If this story resonates with you, check out this episode to unpack what is happening in your brain!

EP:225 Holiday Strategies & National Diabetes Month–Prevention & Reversal

Happy Thanksgiving! The holiday is HERE! This episode has a strategy to help you stay in control of your health during your Thanksgiving meal!

In continued recognition of National Diabetes Month, I also discuss some of the powerful preventions and reversal strategies I teach women to help them reverse their type 2 diabetes PERMANENTLY!

Check it out!! Set yourself up for an amazing holiday week!

EP224: Interview with Nikki

This episode is another coaching call with one of my amazing listeners! If you have ever thought, “I am going to get healthy for my _________ (kids, husband, family, etc…)” and never seemed to materialize the results you planned. This episode is for you. This coaching call will clarify why this is not the reason that creates the results you want. CHECK. IT. OUT!

EP223: Type 2 Diabetes Education and Awareness

In recognition of National Diabetes Month, for the month of November the podcast will be covering awareness, education, prevention, reversal, and the DelaneMD process so you can put this all into action. This month will give you all the tools and the help you need to finally put type 2 diabetes behind you!

EP: 220 Interview with Annie

This is a coaching session with listener, Annie. This episode gives some insight to fleeting feelings of giving up, why you do it, and how to stop doing it. It also gives some insight to how coaching works to reverse your type 2 diabetes. Check it out! And thank you to Annie for her willingness to share her experience!

EP215: Proud Choices: The Key to Reclaiming Your Health and Beating Type 2 Diabetes

The discussion in this episod focuses on achieving better health and managing type 2 diabetes by making conscious choices about what we eat. It emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all diet plan; instead, the key is to stop consuming unhealthy, processed foods. The mindset advocated is one of setting clear, measurable goals and understanding why those goals matter. By constantly asking, “Does this decision make me proud?” when making food choices, individuals can align their actions with their health goals and build self-belief. The importance of this mindset is illustrated through a client explaining that despite decent blood sugar levels after eating pizza, she felt unsatisfied due to her lack of pride in her decision. Ultimately, the message is clear: make choices that you can be proud of to regain control of your health and well-being.

EP214: When You Want to Stop

The desire to stop is always going to exist. There are a million reasons for this. The motivational triad of the human brain drives us to expend the least amount of energy possible, while avoiding pain, and seeking out pleasure. That keeps us from doing things that are hard if we can avoid it. Being exhausted from doing The Things each day. Nostalgia for comfort food. Boredom with chicken and veggies AGAIN. These are just a few reasons that we want to stop.

The desire to stop happens for everyone. This will happen for you. And it will happen again. This is the human experience.

The problem comes when we experience a feeling of discomfort, exhaustion, or boredom and we want to stop. We believe that these feelings mean we need to DO something different. This week’s episode discusses what these feelings actually mean and what to do with them to move beyond these feelings and continue doing the things that will reverse your type 2 diabetes.

Check it out!

EP213: Which Diet is RIGHT?

Many women let themselves stay sick and stuck with type 2 diabetes because they hear mixed information about which diet is the “right” diet. They feel confused and frustrated about all of the different information. This confusion and frustration leads them to a bag of Oreos and an afternoon of Netflix. This is NEVER going to get the job done! This week’s episode provides clarity on which diet is right for YOU! Check it out. Give yourself permission to commit to changes and collect the data and see if it works!

EP212: How to Stop Doing THAT!

You know how sometimes we say things like, “I don’t know why I keep doing that.” Or “I can’t seem to help myself.” This podcast episode covers a functional way to evaluate our thoughts and feelings as they move through our brain, in order to change our behaviors and STOP doing the things that keep us sick with type 2 diabetes. You can learn how to change your behaviors–stop eating the cupcakes and start getting up to exercise each morning. You can change your life and implement behaviors to live a naturally healthy life.

When we are trying to reverse our diabetes, it is important to realize how the brain works in order to create some awareness of how and where to place our efforts for change. Many people believe that our behaviors just happen to us, in a serendipitous way. “I don’t know why I keep eating the cupcakes.” This makes sense to think it’s serendipity. Your love for the cupcakes came serendipitously–no one has ever had to put effort into growing that desire, but there it is–loud and proud. We do not understand where that desire came from, and we expect the desire for salad and salmon to show up in the same way–serendipitously.

It is just not so! This episode talks about why!

EP211: Type 2 Diabetes and Alcohol

One of the most common questions I get from women who are interested in reversing their type 2 diabetes is “how about alcohol?” We love wine. We love cosmos. And we are all grateful for microbreweries! Women want to know how much and what they can drink. They want to know what to expect with their blood sugars. They want to know why when they check their blood sugars afterwards, it has done some crazy things. Sometimes it even goes DOWN (*gasp*)!!

The biggest question I get “What is going on here?!”

This episode of the Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD podcast discusses high level concepts that will help you understand how alcohol impacts your blood sugars and your overall health. Check it out!!