Ep #99 Your Health: How Positivity Undermines Success

In America, we are often told to “be positive” or “look on the Brightside.” This addiction to positivity, however, can undermine our progress towards goals. My clients often shrug off their failures by saying, “I didn’t do that bad” or “I’m still doing better than before.” Looking on the Brightside causes people to not glean the important lessons from feelings, which results in repeating the same counterproductive action. During this podcast, I discuss the dangers of toxic positivity and how to use feelings as data to improve health, reverse diabetes, and achieve health goals.

Ep #98 The Target Draws the Arrow

Achieving your goals takes time and practice. Clients want to achieve their goals quickly. They want to reverse diabetes and lose weight, but when it does not happen immediately, they think something is wrong. The good news is reversing diabetes can happen quickly, but goals like weight loss are dependent upon the limits of biology. During this episode, I discuss the biology and neurology of permanent lifestyle changes, and the mindset strategy to achieve them as quickly as biologically possible.

Ep #97 The Negative Effects of Stress on Health & How to Fix It

Living a naturally healthy life free from type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions requires more than just eating right. Other non-food factors, such as stress, influence hormones and body chemistry. During this podcast, I discuss the effects of stress on your body and introduce evidence-based strategies for managing stress.

Ep #95 Getting Unstuck

When it comes to life, comparison is truly the thief of joy. It is also the way many of my clients unintentionally diminish the joy of simple pleasures. During this podcast, I discuss the one mindset that keeps my clients stuck. Understanding this mindset and implementing simple strategies is one way I help my clients to reverse type 2 diabetes and live a naturally healthy life.

Ep #94 Reversing Diabetes Basics

Are you looking to reverse your type 2 diabetes, stop the painful finger sticks, and end the cycle of doctor visits, medication, and more medications? Medical research shows you can reverse your diabetes naturally through lifestyle modification. During this podcast, I review the basics of reversing type 2 diabetes including cleaning up your diet, nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting.

Ep #93 Client Interview with Carol: Moving Past Western Medicine

When Carol’s lab results were outside of normal range, her physicians tried to put her on medication. Carol pushed back and decided to take a more naturally healthy path. After 6-months of coaching with DelaneMD, Carol saw improvement or normalization in many lab values including A1c, thyroid and cholesterol. During this podcast, I discuss Carol’s amazing and empowering journey to being naturally healthy.

Ep #92 Finding Your Purpose: Interview with Gabrielle Smith

Living a naturally healthy life free from type 2 diabetes and daily finger sticks requires that we learn to not use food to buffer negative emotions. One of the common drivers of negative emotions is dissatisfaction at work, dissatisfaction in life, and the consternation over not knowing or living up to our purpose. During this episode, I talk with Gabrielle Smith, Life and Purpose Coach, about her coaching philosophy and the steps she teaches to help women discover their purpose, live authentically, and find happiness.

Ep #91 The Rebel Inside: How Negative Self Talk Undermines Healthy Living

The way we talk to our children dictates how cooperative or rebellious they become as teenagers. Approaching our children from a position of power and coercion versus compassion and kindness is often counterproductive to building a self-confident and cooperative child. This is the same with self-talk. Negative self-talk can undermine your desire to live a naturally healthy life and free from type 2 diabetes. During this podcast, I discuss the undermining nature of negative self-talk and how to stop.

Ep #90 Hunger as Biology: It’s Not an Emergency

Many people struggle with being hungry. They experience fear and anxiety about being hungry, and believe hunger is an emergency. In fact, this idea of hunger as an emergency is perpetuated in our society. During this podcast, I discuss what hunger really is from a biological perspective and present ways to deal with hunger. Understanding and controlling your thoughts regarding hunger is an essential component of living a naturally healthy life free from type 2 diabetes.