Stopping Once You Start with DelaneMD | Webinar March 6, 2024

Stopping Once You Start    Many women find that once they start eating, it’s hard to stop.  If you break a fast, thoughts like “I went so long without eating, I get to eat finally.”  Or thoughts of “deserving” the food.  Or even, “finally it’s about time!”  This keeps us stuck overeating, feeling out of […]

Clean Up Your Diet to End Food Cravings! with DelaneMD | Webinar Feb. 21, 2024

Clean Up Your Diet to End Food Cravings!    Women struggle to fix their type 2 diabetes.  Cravings are at the heart of this. Have you ever thought, “if I just did not WANT the chocolate, I could finally fix this”? If not chocolate, chips, bread, or maybe pizza? This 60-minute webinar will discuss the importance […]

Mastering Consistency in 2024 with DelaneMD | Webinar Jan. 11, 2024

This is the beginning of 2024 and getting healthy is top priority for you! You have tried many things in the past but struggled to determine how to get lasting results. Likely you know what to eat. Likely you know how to exercise. Likely you know the best supplements to take. But you still can’t […]

Crush Your Cravings Webinar Replay

This 60-minute webinar will teach you what is causing your cravings, how to navigate them, and how to use the strategies to have a healthy holiday season.

EP219: Using Plans as a Tool to Fix Type 2 Diabetes

In this podcast episode, I explore our relationships with plans and how this impacts our health and well-being. I once saw plans as limitations, especially when it came to food choices. However, I realized that resisting plans led to unintended consequences, including my weight gain, insulin resistance, and prediabetes. This episode highlights the importance of a plan as a tool that keeps the rational, goal-oriented, prefrontal cortex in control, even when emotions, cravings, and our primitive brain try to take over. Plans simplify decision-making, prevent decision fatigue, and conserve mental energy. Examining your resistance to healthy choices and tailoring plans to address these challenges, is the key to success. This introspection is imperative. Ultimately, plans are not constraints but effective tools for achieving your goals in the midst of the stress and chaos of life. This podcast is meant to clear it up! A lovely listener has agreed to be coached for the benefit of all. Check it out and reap the benefits!