Webinar: Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes | August 16, 2023

This webinar delves deep into the connection between exercise and managing Type 2 Diabetes, shedding light on:

The science behind the advantages of using regular physical activity to improve and maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Recommendations to effectively integrate exercise into your diabetes management regimen
Mindset strategies for tailoring an exercise plan that serve your individual preferences and requirements
Clear answers regarding safe and efficient exercise strategies for reversing Type 2 Diabetes
I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to use exercise to positively impact your journey with diabetes.

EP209: Ozempic, Saxenda, Wegovy, OH MY!!

This episode is talking about the hottest drug to hit the market since statins! This drug has the promise of “weight loss for all.” This week’s episode is part 1 of a 2 part series discussing these weight loss medications. I have interviewed many women who have considered and even started these meds. I review the mindset that led these women to try these meds. The frustration, the worry, the desperation, the hope, and the lack of understanding. I talk about how some of these thoughts are even planted by the health care community. I explain how these thoughts are cognitive distortions that will never lead to the lasting changes and health that women want to see. Check it out. Tell me what you think!

EP208: The One Thing You Must Stop Doing to Fix Your Type 2 Diabetes

In this episode, I give you the single thing you must stop doing if you want to fix your type 2 diabetes. I don’t talk about bread, twinkies, or soda. This is not about the food you are eating. It is the thought that keeps so many women stuck feeding themselves food that makes them sick.

After eating something that does not align with their biology, typically a food they had not planned to eat, many women tell themselves “it’s fine.” “It wasn’t that bad.” Or “it won’t be a problem.” In this episode, I dive into why this story is keeping you frustrated, confused, and worried about your type 2 diabetes. I also discuss why and how to stop this destructive thought. Check it out!

EP206: I Am Just Like That

This week’s episode breaks down one of the most troublesome thoughts I hear from women with type 2 diabetes. It is a thought that the medical community gives patients. A thought medical providers give women that keeps them STUCK and SICK.

“I have diabetes, I am just like that.” This is a belief women then apply to other areas of their health. “I don’t like to exercise, I am just like that.” Or “I don’t like vegetables, it’s just how I am.” This family of beliefs disempowers you from making any changes that will improve your health. It is the most tragic type of thought you can have.

This is the thought that keeps women feeling worried, frustrated, and confused. This is a belief that women are fed by the medical machine. Then women follow up with their doctors, and are made to feel guilty and shameful because they are still sick.

This episode diffuses this thought, putting the power back in your HANDS!! The best place for the power to be!

Check it out!

EP204: Not Having Enough Time to Fix Your Type 2 Diabetes

Someone once told me, “Life is like a quarter that you only get to spend once. Spend it wisely.” Many women feel that we are pulled in so many different directions that we cannot find the time to invest in fixing our type 2 diabetes. We tell ourselves that our kids’ schedules, our family commitments, and our work requirements are why we cannot spend the time to learn to live naturally healthy lives. Of course, this keeps us stuck and sick. Learning the value of our time is imperative not only to living a naturally healthy life, but also to intentionally living the life WE WANT!

EP203: Indulgent Thoughts that Keep You STUCK!

There are many thoughts we have regarding how to fix our type 2 diabetes. We have many thoughts regarding the reasons we continue to struggle with making decisions that serve our health. Frequently those thoughts seem like they are just truths. “I don’t know why.” “I just like that food.” And “I am just going to quit.”

Any of those sound familiar to you? This episode walks you through what those thoughts are creating in your life and how to stop them.

These have to be fixed before you can move on to living a naturally healthy life. Check it out and let me know what you think!