Ep #70 From Addiction to Naturally Healthy: An Interview with Randy

During this podcast, I interview my client Randy about his unique and amazing journey to becoming naturally healthy and diabetes-free. After getting clean and sober, food became Randy’s new addiction. He was obese, had a diagnosis of diabetes, and was taking multiple medications including insulin injections. Randy believed type 2 diabetes was a chronic disease that gets progressively worse, causes loss of eyesight, amputations and eventually death. During a spiritual journey, Randy prayed to find a new path. He started with DelaneMD figuring he had nothing to lose. Today, Randy’s A1c is 5.5 without medications, he lost over 80 pounds, kicked his food addiction, and is enjoying a more vibrant, energetic life.

Ep #69 The “Have To” vs. “Get To” State of Mind

Feelings of obligation can become overwhelming during the holiday season. Often, clients come to me frustrated because of all the things they “have to” do, such as buying gifts, cooking meals, cleaning, decorating, etc. During this podcast, I discuss the “have to” mindset and challenge the belief that we must do anything. When it comes to life, everything is optional. We choose our responsibilities based upon the outcomes we desire. This “get to” thought is a much more empowering mindset.

Ep # 68 Out-of-Control vs. In-Control

Especially during the holidays when there are parties and feast days, it is easy to “loose control.” Being out-of-control, however, is just a thought. The problem is this thought drives feelings of powerlessness and the action of eating out of control. The reality is, you are voluntarily relinquishing or giving up your control. During this podcast, I discuss why we often feel out-of-control and the thoughts that drive our feelings, actions, and results.

Ep #67 Kim’s Inspiring Journey

As a coach, I get the privilege of working with some amazing people. During this podcast, you will meet my client Kim as she shares her inspiring journey to become naturally healthy. As a nurse by training, Kim thought she understood diabetes and she tried everything to avoid going on insulin. As her numbers got worse, she felt like it was hopeless. Kim resolved herself to a lifetime of diabetes and insulin. Through the DelaneMD program, Kim discovered a new approach to managing her high blood sugars. Today, she feels better, has more energy, lost weight and has stopped several medications.

Ep #66 How to Live Longer

What if you could live to 120 years old? In his book, “Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To,” Dr. David Sinclair discusses ongoing research on longevity and how 120 years may soon be the normal lifespan. During this podcast, I summarize some of the research discussed in this book as well as other research on longevity. I also present several supplements and medications that are being researched as having potential longevity benefits. Finally, I emphasize the importance of living a naturally healthy life as the foundation for longevity.


Ep #65 Is it REALLY Low Blood Sugar?

Do you think you have low blood sugar? When you feel woozy or tired, do you turn to high-sugar snacks like honey or candy? Many diabetics have been warned about the dangers of low blood sugars and worry as soon as they feel symptoms like shakiness or clamminess. Many of these symptoms, however, are also associated with high blood sugars. During this podcast, I discuss low blood sugar and the thoughts or fears diabetics often have about low blood sugar. I also emphasize the importance of monitoring blood sugars to determine whether blood sugars are really low.

Ep #64 Are You Really Hungry? The Hunger Scale

Often, we mistake brain hunger for true hunger. Brain hunger is a craving for a specific food that starts in our brain. In contrast, true hunger starts in our stomach. For example, when you crave certain foods like a candy bar or ice cream, this is brain hunger not true hunger. Understanding the difference between these two types of hunger is an essential skill for living a naturally healthy life free from type 2 diabetes and other weight related diseases. During this podcast, I discuss strategies for recognizing brain hunger. I also discuss the hunger scale, which is a tool I use with my clients to better gauge their hunger.

Ep #63 How to Manage the Weekends

When it comes to living a naturally healthy life free from diabetes and other weight related diseases, the weekends and holidays can be challenging. Family get-togethers and evenings out with friends often result in overeating, higher blood sugars and a growing waistline. Even if you are “good” all week long, a weekend of uncontrolled eating can undermine any weekday gains. During this podcast, I discuss the mindset that often drives overeating during weekends and holidays as well as strategies for staying on track.

Ep #62 Making Decisions: Do Don’t Try

In my program, I teach clients to plan. Planning is a necessary skill when it comes to making decisions that serve your body. Being skilled at keeping those decisions is just as necessary. When you make decisions about food and health, do you give yourself an out? Are your decisions tentative? Like Yoda says, “do or do not, there is no try.” During this podcast, I discuss the importance of making decisions and sticking to them.

Ep #61 Hunger as Your Secret Weapon

We often think of hunger as an emergency, but it is not an emergency. The fact is more people die from overeating than from hunger in America. Understanding the key drivers of hunger is an essential component to living a naturally healthy life free from diabetes and other weight related illness. During this podcast, I discuss how to differentiate between physical hunger, which is your body’s need for nutrients, and brain hunger, which are cravings.