Ep #111 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Insulin Resistance

If you listen to my podcast regularly, you understand that type 2 diabetes is a disease of too much insulin in your system. But did you know several other diseases are correlated with hyperinsulinemia (aka too much insulin)? During this podcast episode, I discuss polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and how insulin impacts various hormones causing the hallmark symptoms of PCOS, such as abnormal hair growth, irregular periods, and infertility.

Ep #110 Collect Better Biology & Eat the Cake

We often avoid making healthful changes because we believe “being healthy” means never eating the foods we love. In this podcast episode, I share a conversation I had with a woman who believed this and lamented not eating a recipe from her childhood that had special meaning. My recommendation was, “go ahead and eat the cake!” When you start living a naturally healthy life and reverse your type 2 diabetes, you also start collecting better biology. Better biology means your body is prepared to handle the occasional food insult, such as a piece of cake on your birthday.

Ep #109 Emotional Eating: 4 Steps to Manage Negative Emotions

Avoiding negative emotions can lead to poorer health. Often, we turn to activities, alcohol, or food to “buffer” away negative emotions.  Buffering is distracting ourselves from the negative emotion. During this podcast, I discuss why allowing our emotions is so important for living a naturally healthy life.  I also present strategies for digging into and managing our emotions without turning to food or alcohol.  

Ep #108 Book Review

What books do I love? This podcast is going to tell you my recommendations! The work that I do with women involves learning science, learning about our minds, and giving ourselves the grace and space to learn how to live naturally healthy lives free from the struggles of diabetes.  Reversing diabetes is HARD WORK.  It’s a process.  There are many books I recommend to help along the way.  This podcast dives into a few of them!  I hope you enjoy it!

Ep #107 Interview with Charlotte

It is a privilege working with my clients. During this interview, I talk with Charlotte about her journey to being naturally healthy. As a registered nurse with a graduate degree in public health, Charlotte thought she new what was making her sick. Starting in her 20s, she often shamed herself for not being in control of her health. Charlotte tried different commercial programs and failed to get her weight and health under control.  Then she found DelaneMD. Check out this amazing and inspiring discussion with Charlotte.

Ep #106 Causes of High Fasting Blood Sugars

Clients often contact me worried because their morning fasting blood sugars are higher than their evening non-fasting blood sugars. I tell them, “No, you aren’t eating in your sleep.” Fasting blood sugars are an indication of your overall health, not of what you recently ate. The two factors that influence fasting blood sugars are cortisol release and insulin resistance. During this podcast episode, I discuss some non-food related factors that affect fasting blood sugars.

Ep #105 Cultivating Thoughts& Feelings

Learning to manage thoughts and feelings are essential to living a naturally healthy life. As we have discussed in previous podcast episodes, our thoughts drive emotions (feelings), actions and inevitably our results. Coaching helps you to address those thoughts and feelings that do not align with your goals. During this podcast, I review the thought model and discuss how to manage challenging thoughts and feelings so you can reverse diabetes and live a naturally healthy life.


Ep #104 Grief: Moving Towards Acceptance

Reversing type 2 diabetes so you are no longer sick requires changing the way you eat. Permanently changing your eating habits, requires you to address the underlying thoughts that drive you to eat unhealthy foods. When my clients start changing their thoughts about food, they often experience emotions similar to the five states of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. During this podcast, I discuss how the loss of certain foods causes these emotions and provide examples from my own journey. I also offer strategies and recommendations for moving through the different stages towards acceptance.

Ep #103 Shame: How It Keeps You Stuck

Addressing the negative emotions that often drive us to eat is essential to implementing permanent lifestyle changes, living healthy and reversing type 2 diabetes. Shame is one of the most difficult negative emotions to address. Shame is the emotion that will erode the part of ourselves that believes we are capable of change. During this podcast episode, I discuss how to recognize shame and strategies for dealing with shame.

Ep #102 Developing Eating Protocols

When it comes to reversing type 2 diabetes, you need to make a lifestyle change not just implement an interim diet. Diets are typically short-lived and unsustainable. Most commercial diets are prescriptive, meaning they tell you what to eat or even force you to buy pre-packaged foods. Often, these diets do not take into consideration your individual likes and dislikes. This makes maintaining these diets difficult. I teach my clients to develop eating protocols that support their long term goals. These eating protocols are developed by the client and are consistent with what they like to eat. During this podcast episode, I discuss the 3 steps for developing eating protocols.