Episode #142–Stop Looking for a Guarantee

We all want to be sure. We all look for guarantees in the things we want to create in our life. We believe it is what we NEED.

It is not.

It is what keeps us stuck.

This episode will dive into why waiting for the guarantee is what is keeping you from reversing your type 2 diabetes!

Episode #141: Pay Attention to the Excuses to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Do you tell yourself, “Stop making excuses,” and expect it to fix your health? Do you tell yourself “Stop making excuses for making bad decisions about your food?” How is this approach working for you? Does it create the long-lasting results you want with your health? If your answer is, “Not really,” then this episode is FOR YOU!

Episode #140–Cleaning Up Your Diet

I teach women three strategies for living naturally healthy lives. Cleaning up your diet. Intermittent fasting. And nutritional ketosis. “Cleaning up your diet” is not something you can look up on Pinterest to learn how to do it and fix your diabetes. But don’t worry, I have got YOU! This episode will give you a SIMPLE explanation of how to clean up your diet and a deeper explanation why it works! Enjoy!

Episode #139–Pros/Cons Lists

We have all been taught to look at the “pro’s” and “con’s” of a situation to determine which decision we want to make. In fact, many of us were taught that this was The Best way to make decisions. We spend time writing the lists, evaluating them, re-writing them, and wringing our hands over the “right” decision. This keeps us stuck with indecision, sometimes for weeks, months, or years. We wait, hoping the pro’s or con’s will finally push us over an edge and make the “right” decision clear. During this episode I discuss how this is NOT the way to make a decisions. We do not use this strategy to make important decisions in our lives. It is not an effective strategy to use regarding our health and reversing our type 2 diabetes. Check it out to find out why a pro’s and con’s list will not help you reverse your diabetes and the strategy that will!

Ep #138–Emotional Responsibility

n the past, I have taught how our thoughts create our feelings, which drive our emotions, leading to our actions and our results. This episode dives into the skill of evaluating our thoughts and beliefs, and then challenging them in a way that creates the results we want in our life. This is THE skill to be honed to create the life we want! Check it out!

Episode #136–The Truth About Change

Most women get stuck when they realize the results they want, require a change. They believe they need to “just make the change.” When they can’t “just make the change,” they believe it is because of their willpower or self-discipline. They make attempts to change, do not get the results they want, then make it mean they are faulty somehow.

This is no way to get the results you want.

Long-lasting action changes occurs in 3 steps. I have done podcasts on this in the past (episode #21) but understanding this is imperative and a revisit seems timely! Learning how to become aware of what is creating your current results, then learning how to neutrally accept it BEFORE you look to change is how we create long-lasting results. Check out this episode to find out why and how to do it!

Episode #134–Journaling as a Tool for Reversing Your Diabetes

e to help my clients see how they are getting the results they are creating and how to create the results they want! This is a tool used in combination with a daily journaling practice. This episode teaches you how to use this tool in order to create the result of reversing your type 2 diabetes! Enjoy!

Episode #133–What Your Guilt Is Telling You About Your Diabetes

We run from guilt. We think it means there is a problem. We hide from it. We don’t want to look at it. We run from guilt. We think it means there is a problem. We hide from it. We don’t want to look at it. But I would offer that guilt is telling you something INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. In fact, guilt is a key to reversing your diabetes. I know, this may not make sense. We are taught in society not to be unkind to ourselves, not to be harsh, not to talk down to ourselves.

THIS IS COMPLETELY TRUE–don’t do any of those things! BUT…

Do see what the unpleasant emotion of guilt is trying to tell you, because it is a gift. It is The Key to reversing your type 2 diabetes! Check out this episode to find out why!