Ep #40 Mindset Matters

When people come to me wanting to resolve their type 2 diabetes, it’s because they believe there is a better way that doesn’t include daily finger sticks, pills and injections. This desire to try something different typically stems from a mindset that is open to new possibilities. According to psychologists and social scientists, having the right mindset is essential to achieve your goals. Mindset is an established set of attitudes or beliefs. During this podcast, I discuss the different type of mindsets that often undermine our success and present alternative mindsets that are shown to produce results.

Ep #39 Self Love

How would your life and health be different if you practiced self-love? We love our children and family members unconditionally. With our children, this love translates into an intentional approach to parenting that includes planning and monitoring what our children eat, watch on television and learn. Now, how would your life and diabetes be different if you practices this same type of intentional and unconditional love for yourself? During this podcast, I discuss the concept and how making an investment in your wellness is an act of self-love.

working during a fast

Ep #38 Benefits of Fasting

Fasting has several fabulous benefits including weight loss and improving insulin sensitivity. In addition these health benefits, many clients report fasting results in saving money and time as well as providing opportunities for mind management regarding food. During this podcast, I discuss the many benefits of fasting and provide real-world examples.


Ep #37 Long-Term Ketosis

When it comes to nutritional ketosis, there is a lot of conflicting information available. Some of the most common questions clients ask are: (1) is ketosis safe over a long period of time and (2) do I need to stay in ketosis forever? During this podcast, I discuss what the literature says about nutritional ketosis and its effect on health. I address everything from the affects on kidney function and cholesterol to mood and, of course, reversing type 2 diabetes.

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Ep #36 Ketone Bodies and Emotions

During this podcast, Dr. Delane Vaughn discusses how ketone bodies are produced and used by the body for fuel, as well as their health benefits and the reported associated euphoria. After reviewing ketone bodies and their benefits, Dr. Vaughn transitions into discussing emotions. Finally, she concludes by discussing how coaching provides the necessary tools and strategies to manage emotions, which often undermine our healthy intentions.

man cooking for diabetes

Ep #35 Why Food Journaling Works & How to Do it

Food journaling is an important tool for achieving your health goals including resolving type 2 diabetes and weight loss. Why? Because it works. Food journal provides the necessary data to help you manage blood sugars, plan meals, evaluate your progress and make the necessary adjustments to achieve your desired results. During this podcast, I discuss why food journaling work and what should be included in your journaling practice.

life change

Ep #34 Patterned Behaviors: Your Brain on Autopilot

Our brains are the most efficient machines on Earth. This efficiency is the result of the brain’s ability to form neuropathways that allow common tasks to be automatic. When it comes to lifestyle choices, often repetitive actions combine with neurochemistry to automate patterns of behaviors that don’t serve our health. Breaking these patterns of behavior requires awareness, acceptance and intentional action. During this podcast, I discuss how to recognize negative patterns of behavior and the three step process for breaking down old patterns and installing new healthier behaviors.


Ep #33 Why Calories Don’t Matter

Calories have been ingrained in our society as a scientific measure of the health of food. But, nothing could be further from the truth! Medical research now shows not all calories are created equal and different types of macronutrients are metabolized differently. It’s important to evaluate food based on different measures of health, such as how much insulin it produces. During this podcast, I discuss why calories aren’t a good measure of food health and provide examples of other internal measures that are perhaps more important considerations.

Ep #32 How to Feel a Feeling

When faced with negative emotions, we often turn to food to buffer our emotions. This common practice is an attempt to feel better by numbing our feelings. The problem is, we often sacrifice our long-term health for short term comfort. Learning to truly experience and accept our emotions – even the negative ones – is an essential step towards not buffering with food and living a naturally healthy life. During this podcast, I discuss my personal experience buffering emotions with food and I make the case for allowing negative emotions.


Ep #31 The Podcast for Overeaters

Do you buffer negative emotions with food? Or, are you someone who mindlessly munches until the entire bag of chips is gone? Then this podcast is for you! Overeating is a common problem. For many, overeating may mean binging on junk food. However, overeating can also happen with higher-quality foods, such as nuts or cheese. In my coaching practice, I’ve seen many types of overeaters ranging from emotional overeaters to mindless overeaters. During this podcast, I discuss several types of overeaters and why they eat. I also discuss the thoughts that drive the action of overeating, and inevitably prevent you from reaching your health goals.