Ep # 180–Let’s Leave “I Don’t Have Time to Fix My Type 2 Diabetes” in 2022!

Do you frequently feel like you “don’t have time for this”? Do you feel like you “can’t live without” a certain food, even though it’s making you sick? Do you feel like you “don’t know how to fix type 2 diabetes”? Do you feel like you “can’t eat differently because your family doesn’t like that food”?

If these stories float through your brain…this episode is for you!! Let’s leave the stories that are keeping you from your goals in 2022. Let’s make 2023 the year you move past type 2 diabetes!

Ep #179–What Your Labs Mean

Do you ever wonder why you check your blood sugar on your glucometer and recheck it immediately and they are different? Do you ever wonder what your lab results mean? Do you feel like you are chasing numbers that you don’t truly understand? If so, this episode explains it! Check it out, let me know if you have any questions!

Ep #178–Keeping Your Word To Yourself

Do you find yourself making promises each morning about the food you will eat, but by lunch time you are eating breakroom pizza? Do you find yourself committing to NOT eating the foods that are making you sick with type 2 diabetes early in the day but indulge in chocolates mid-afternoon? Do you make a plan for a healthy meal for dinner, but find yourself running through a burger drive-through on your way home from work in the evening? If this is your struggle, you are not the only one. This is frequently the topic of coaching in my group meetings. This episode discusses the heart of this issue and how to change this. Check it out!

Ep #176–Badassery

This episode discusses what it means to be a Badass. Not what it means to be MY version of a Badass, but what it means to be YOUR version of a Badass. ⁠

What does it take? What does it look like? How do we do it? ⁠

Reversing your type 2 diabetes is super Badass shit! Learning how to navigate the hard work of not eating food that makes you sick is BADASS. ⁠
Clearly the language in this episode will be PG-13. If there are any ears that you prefer not to have a Sailor’s education, please have your ear buds ready!

Ep. #175–Urges, Cravings, and Desires

If you ever wonder why the food “speaks” to you? Why it seems to “consume” you? Why you just HAVE to eat it? If you cannot seem to figure out how to stop eating the food that is making you sick with type 2 diabetes, this episode is for you! This episode goes through the science that occurs in your body and what thoughts happen in your brain. Most importantly, this episode teaches you how to overcome the desire, craving, and urges for foods that are making you sick.

Episode #174–Victimhood

Are you stuck?
Do you want to fix your diabetes, but find reasons that you can’t?
Do those reasons sound like, “I just don’t like healthy foods,” or “my schedule is just too busy,” or “it’s so expensive to eat healthy.”
If these are the stories your brain tells you, I am going to break it down for you in this episode.
It’s time to move past these. Let’s go!

Ep #173–Bamboozled

Do you ever feel like you are believing fibs? Like there are untruths you tell yourself? I know it sounds harsh, but do you ever feel like you are lying to yourself?
Do you frequently tell yourself stories? They sound like: “I will start again tomorrow.” “This food isn’t so bad.” “If I eat this then I will feel better.”
You eat the food. Your blood sugar goes up. And you are disappointed and confused.
Is this familiar to you? If so, this is the episode for YOU!! See how these stories that you believe are holding you back, how to recognize them, and stop believing them!

Episode #171–How to Talk to Your Doctor

EPISODE #171 (not #170, if you listen, you will catch this slip up!)!!
If you have ever wanted to ask me, “But Delane, HOW do I talk to my doc about coming off of my meds?” This episode is for YOU!! I review when and a clear strategy for HOW to talk to you doctor! Check it out, let me know if you have any questions!