Ep #50 The Manual

When it comes to our relationships, we often have expectations of how other should behave. Sometimes these expectations are implied and not plainly expressed. If someone does not comply with our implied expectations, which in coaching we call “our manual”, we may experience negative feelings. During this podcast, I discuss why manual work is so important to managing our emotions and reversing type 2 diabetes.

Ep #49 Anatomy of Thought Change

One of the tools I teach for reversing diabetes is the thought model, which is the idea that thoughts drive feelings, actions and inevitably results. If you want different results, you need to work on finding a different thought. While conceptually this tool seems simple, applying and mastering this tool is much more difficult. During this podcast, I provide examples of how the thought model is applied and illustrate the many steps in the process. I discuss the challenges and iterations that are common on the road to living a naturally healthy life.

Ep #48 F-it Moment vs. Doubling Down

When it comes to losing weight, reversing diabetes, or just living a naturally healthy life, always sticking to our plan can be challenging. Often, we will hit a crossroads when we want to say, “screw it” and eat the bag of Oreos. We may even justify our actions by thinking we deserve it, or it is a reward for being so good. This is the moment, however, that will determine our future success or failure. During this podcast, I discuss why it is so important to double down on our commitment at this moment.

Ep 47 Pleasure

While the word “pleasure” often stirs images of sex, there are many non-sex-related ways to achieve pleasure. Pleasure is simply a feeling of happy, satisfaction or joy. Pleasure also has a biological component that includes the release of feel-good hormones. In fact, many highly processed foods have been engineered to produce an elevated release of these feel-good reward hormones. Consequently, most people turn to food as their primary way to achieve pleasure. These highly pleasurable foods are the same foods that make people sick with type 2 diabetes. If you are looking to reverse your type 2 diabetes and live a naturally healthy life as well as get out from under the health care system, you need to stop using food as your source of pleasure. During this podcast, I discuss ways to bring pleasure into your life that does not have negative health consequences.

Ep #46 Authenticity

The definition of authenticity or authentic is being of undisputed origin or genuine. In life, we often make decisions motivated by obligation or social pressures. Typically, these decisions are not in alignment with our authentic selves. During this podcast, I discuss how envisioning your authentic self and making decisions in alignment with this vision is an important part of living a naturally healthy life.

Ep #45 Nutritional Hormones

Hormones play a unique role in why and how we eat. Chemical messengers produced by glands, hormones help regulate hunger signals and energy storage. During this podcast, I discuss the influence of the three hormones Leptin, Ghrelin and Insulin, and their influence on our hunger, satiety, and fat storage.

Ep #44 Primitive Brain, Prefrontal Cortex & Planning

Your primitive brain seeks to minimize pain, maximize pleasure, and avoid work. While this evolutionary trait benefited our species when food was scarce, today it causes us to make food choices that do not serve our bodies. In contrast, the prefrontal cortex is implicated in logical thought, rational decision making and planning. During this podcast I discuss why planning ahead, which uses the prefrontal cortex, rather than making decisions on the fly using the primitive brain is necessary to living a naturally healthy life. I also provide strategies and examples of how to plan meals ahead of time.

Ep #43 Choices

Every choice we make in life has pros and cons. Often, we have the belief that not deciding is a way to avoid these pros and cons. Doing nothing, however, is also a choice and will inevitably have consequences. For example, not making healthy lifestyle choices will result in your diabetes progressively getting worse. During this podcast, I discuss this concept that was so pivotal to my journey.

Ep #42 Thought Errors

Thought errors are existing beliefs that don’t align with our desired future state or goals. These thoughts undermine our progress when they are not challenged. Many times, people accept these preexisting thoughts as foregone conclusions, which may impede progress before it even starts. In coaching, clients learn to critically evaluate thoughts, which drive actions and inevitably results. During this podcast, I discuss thought errors, how to recognize them, and how to find thoughts that align with a naturally healthy life.

Ep #41 Overcoming Food Cravings & Urges

Food cravings are a natural process driven by biologically and patterned behaviors. When it comes to living a naturally healthy life, recognizing these cravings and learning productive strategies for coping is essential. When we give into these cravings, it just rewards us and creates more cravings in the future. During this podcast, I discuss why we have food cravings and I introduce strategies for coping wit cravings.