Episode #163–Answering Email!

EMAIL ME!! I am not kidding: [email protected]
I want to know what questions you have. This makes for great podcast material! I WILL email you back, and then I will cover it in the podcast to make sure you have a quality answer to your questions.
I received a question from Kimberly a few weeks ago, this episode is an answer to the questions.
How can I be thin, active, and fit, but still diabetic?
What do I need to do to fix this?
Should I be worried?
All of this and more is answered during this episode!

Check it out! And then EMAIL ME! Let me know what you think!

Ep #160–Your Relationship with Type 2 Diabetes

Your relationships dictate your experience. They CREATE your life! We have relationships with people and with things! Health is part of this. Your relationship with your diabetes is creating your experience and results. Learning to define your current relationship and create a relationship you want will change your health. This is the episode that will walk you through it! Grab a pen and paper and jump in!

Episode #158–Stress and Type 2 Diabetes

Most women with type 2 diabetes only hear about the impact food has on their blood sugars. But in order to reverse your type 2 diabetes, normalize your blood sugars, and optimize your health, you have to focus on ALL factors that impact your blood sugars.

Stress is a main player! This episode explains how stress impacts your blood sugars and how to fix it! Enjoy!

Episode #154–Accountability

Accountability partners.
This episode discusses what they are, how people utilize this tool…
and why it WILL NOT WORK!
Mic drop! But it’s true. Accountability partners will not work to reverse your type 2 diabetes permanently.
Check out this episode to find out why and what will create personal responsibility to reverse your type 2 diabetes FOR GOOD!