Ep #91 The Rebel Inside: How Negative Self Talk Undermines Healthy Living

The way we talk to our children dictates how cooperative or rebellious they become as teenagers. Approaching our children from a position of power and coercion versus compassion and kindness is often counterproductive to building a self-confident and cooperative child. This is the same with self-talk. Negative self-talk can undermine your desire to live a naturally healthy life and free from type 2 diabetes. During this podcast, I discuss the undermining nature of negative self-talk and how to stop.

Ep #90 Hunger as Biology: It’s Not an Emergency

Many people struggle with being hungry. They experience fear and anxiety about being hungry, and believe hunger is an emergency. In fact, this idea of hunger as an emergency is perpetuated in our society. During this podcast, I discuss what hunger really is from a biological perspective and present ways to deal with hunger. Understanding and controlling your thoughts regarding hunger is an essential component of living a naturally healthy life free from type 2 diabetes.

Ep #89 Your Fat is Making You Fat!

Did you know that your body fat makes you fat? It sounds counterintuitive, but according to the latest research fat is a complicated endocrine organ not just energy storage. Endocrine organs produce hormones that regulate your body’s function. During this podcast, I discuss how fat tissue influences the production of new fat.

Ep #88 USDA Food Guidelines

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is tasked with developing Federal nutrition guidelines that inform health professionals, schools and other entities. These guidelines provide food-based recommendations for how to be healthful and prevent diet-related diseases. During this podcast, I discuss the ambiguous nature of some of these guidelines and recommend applying critical thinking when interpreting them for yourself. Additionally, I talk with my children about how these guidelines are applied at school. Specifically, I ask them what food is served at school and what they like or don’t like to eat.

Ep #87 The Top 4 Questions I Get About Diabetes & Health

During this podcast, I discuss the four most common questions I get from clients and podcast listeners. These include: (1) Why are my blood sugars highest in the morning? (2) Why do I discuss weight loss so much? (3) Which artificial sweeteners are okay to eat? (4) What can I take to reverse my type 2 diabetes?

Ep #86 Linguistic Space: A Tool for Ratcheting Down Emotions

When we experience negative emotions, at that moment, it is easy to believe we personify that feeling. This belief can intensify the emotion and cause actions that undermine our goals of living a naturally healthy life free from diabetes. Linguistic space refers to the practice of giving yourself some grace by using accurate experiential language versus defining language. For example, the difference between “I am anxious” and “I feel anxious.” The first is the embodiment or personification of the emotion and the latter is a temporary experience. This small tweak in how you acknowledge your emotions can helps to ratchet down the intensity and take actions that align with your goals.

Ep #85 Recommitting to New Years Resolutions

When it comes to New Years Resolutions, we often abandon them by March. This is crazy, since there is still three-quarters of the year left and there is still plenty of time to reevaluate, recommit and achieve your goals. During this podcast, I discuss the process of revisiting, reevaluating and recommitting to your goal on a monthly basis.

Ep #84 Shoulding All Over Yourself

We all have opinions about what should or should not happen. Ruminating on these “should” thoughts can cause us to feel helpless. When our thoughts about a situation create feelings of helplessness or sadness, we often turn to food or other vices to buffer away negative emotions. During this podcast, I discuss how to evaluate your thoughts critically so you can overcome challenging situations without turning to food.

Ep #83 Food as Medicine

The old saying, “we are what we eat” is absolutely true. When we eat healthy, we are healthy. When we eat foods that are highly processed and unhealthy, we are unhealthy and sick. In this Podcast, I discuss how food affects our bodies and why eating naturally healthy food is essential to living a long and vibrant life free from diabetes.

Ep #82 Creating a Container: A Tool for Managing Emotions

When a negative or uncomfortable feeling arises, it is common for people to manage these feelings with food. Food acts as a distraction and and buffers negative feelings by releasing dopamine, which is a feel-good hormone. Learning to manage these emotions and understand the underlying thoughts that drive our actions is an essential tool for living a naturally healthy life. During this podcast, I discuss a concept I call “Creating a Container” as a tool for analyzing and better managing emotions without food.