Episode #132–How to feel the feelings.

Women come to me wanting to know how to fix their type 2 diabetes. How do I reverse my type 2 diabetes? How do I get off my diabetes medications? How do I get healthy? They think that I am going to give them a food plan. They think I will give them an exercise plan. They think I will teach them something about their bodies and science. Good news: I will TOTALLY DO THAT! But that is not the issue at hand. They really do NOT need me to teach them why chocolate cake is a problem. They know chocolate cake is a problem. This is why they are frustrated. These women have done so many challenging things in their lives. Professionally and personally, they have accomplished so much.

But chocolate cake has them stuck. And it does not make sense to them.

The reason they are stuck about the chocolate cake is because they do not know how to deal with the desires and the feelings they experience which lead them to eat the chocolate cake. I teach women how to navigate this. This is what I do that is different from any other “get healthy” program out there. I teach women how to have a feeling and NOT allow it to mean they need to EAT the cake!

This episode will teach you how. Check it out!

Episode #131–Interview with Shelby Hansen

Enjoy this conversation with life coach, Shelby Hansen! Shelby coaches women with chronic health conditions to love their bodies even as they undergo therapies to treat their condition. This work is so impactful for women considering reversing type 2 diabetes! Enjoy this one!

Episode #130–WANT to reverse your diabetes…

you HAVE to finally get serious about this diabetes thing? Did you tell yourself the same thing last year? If so, this episode is for YOU! Find out why you don’t HAVE to and how giving yourself permission to do what you WANT to is key to putting diabetes behind you permanently!

Episode #128–The Year of the Woo

As we consider our goals for the new year, it is important to see the role our feelings play in creating the results that we want. This is not what we are typically taught regarding our goals and creating the life we want. We are taught science, strategies, and techniques, but no one teaches us the role our feelings play. This podcast explains why the feelings are the most important part!

Episode #127–Getting Started in 2022

It’s a new year. Time to achieve the things that have been holding you back. If reversing your type 2 diabetes is part of that, then this podcast is the information you need.

The necessary mindset as well as the three tools I teach for reversing diabetes are all reviewed during this podcast. Make 2022 the last January any of your health-related issues are part of your New Year’s Resolutions!

Episode #126–New Year’s Goals to Reverse Diabetes

Have you considered what you want 2022 to be for you? Do you have ideas about your finances? Is it learning a language? Maybe learning a new instrument? Maybe reversing your diabetes? The strategies I teach for setting goals is what makes the difference between “talk” and “do.” Check out this podcast to learn how…

Ep. #125 Affordability of Health

“I can’t afford it.” Seems like math. Seems real. Seems like it has way more reality, than “just a thought.” But it is just a thought and it’s a thought that keeps us STUCK and SICK! This thought keeps you from taking the steps to reverse your type 2 diabetes.  This is NOT a podcast…

Episode #124 Managing the Holidays Without Making Your Diabetes Worse

The holiday season is a challenge for most diabetics. It is well documented that most Americans will end up sicker January 2nd than they were in November. This episode gives you a strategy to use in order to avoid worsening of your diabetes during the holiday season. Check it out!

Episode #123 Fix Insulin Resistance to FIX Your Diabetes

Everyone believes their diabetes is caused by their blood sugars.

It’s not.

Not knowing this makes it REALLY hard to fix your diabetes. Your diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, NOT high blood sugars. Learning what insulin resistance is, what causes it, and how to change it allows you to fix your diabetes. All of that, in one little episode! Enjoy!