Ep #58 Slowing Down to Lose Weight, Be Naturally Healthy

Our thoughts drive how and how much we eat. Often, we are use food to buffer away negative emotions. Other times, we associate limiting our eating with feelings of deprivation, anxiety, or scarcity. These feelings cause us to eat foods that don’t serve our bodies as well as overeat. Slowing down and enjoying our food is one strategy that can help you be more intentional about eating. For example, Blue Zone research has shown that people who pray before meals eat more sensibly. This is most likely because they are slowing down and not allowing feelings of anxiety, scarcity, and others to drive how much they eat. During this podcast, I discuss how slowing down is an essential tool for living a naturally healthy life free from diabetes, hypertension, and other weight-related disease.

Ep #57 Nighttime Girl vs. Morning Girl

Do you find you are constantly saying, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” or “this Monday I begin exercising” only to start, quit and postpone again? Learning how to stop putting off the hard work is key to living a naturally healthy life free from diabetes, heart disease and other weight-related diseases. During this podcast, I discuss why starting tomorrow doesn’t work and how to stop procrastinating.

Ep #56 Giving Equal Airtime to Thoughts

Living a naturally healthy life free from diabetes, overeating, over-drinking, smoking and the associated diseases, requires making healthy choices. Making the healthy choice, however, can be challenging because we get caught up with feelings of deprivation. Many people attempt to muscle through the challenge using only will-power. Inevitably, will-power will fatigue. That is why it’s so important to acknowledge all your desires – the desire for pizza and the desire to be fit and healthy – and give them equal attention. During this podcast, I discuss the importance of recognizing our competing desires and giving both thoughts equal consideration, and how this practice is essential for reaching health goals.

Ep #55 The Most Damaging Thoughts to Living a Naturally Healthy Life

When it comes to living a naturally healthy life free from diabetes or other weight-related disease, it is important to understand thoughts. Thoughts drive feelings, actions and inevitably our results. Gaining a better understanding of our thoughts is the first step towards getting better results. The challenge for many of my clients, is that we seem to have many different and seemingly contradictory thoughts. We both want to eat the Oreos and to be healthy. During this podcast, I discuss these contradictory thoughts and how making intentional decisions is what matters when it comes to living naturally healthy.

Ep #54 Taking the First Step Towards Living a Naturally Healthy Life

When it comes to living a naturally healthy life free from type 2 diabetes or other weight-related diseases, often the first step is the most difficult. This is because taking that first step requires us to believe in a different possibility, which means we must believe in ourselves. For some clients, taking the first step means overcoming disbelief, insecurities, shame or competing desires. During this podcast, I discuss the different challenges clients face and how addressing the thoughts that drive these beliefs is essential to living a naturally healthy life.

Ep #53 The Importance of Sleep: How Sleep Impacts Health

There is a sleep shortage epidemic in America. The problem is, just like poor diet or sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep has many significant negative effects on the human body. In fact, the World Health Organization lists lack of sleep as a probable carcinogen. Not getting enough good-quality sleep impacts, weight, cardiovascular health, learning, memory,…

Ep #52 Emotional Eating

If you listen to my podcast, you’ve heard me discuss the idea that thoughts drive emotions, actions and inevitably results. When it comes to the action of eating, our desire for food is always driven by these same thoughts and emotions. Emotional eating isn’t always the Bridget Jones’ Diary image of a recently dumped and alone woman eating a gallon of chocolate ice cream. While these extreme emotions do drive overeating, often more subdued emotions like boredom or irritation cause us to eat. Additionally, we often tie food to positive emotions associated with dating, celebrations, and family. During this podcast, I discuss my definition of emotional eating and present strategies to stop eating emotionally so you can live a naturally healthy life free from type 2 diabetes.

Ep #51 Naturally Healthy Life & Weight

When it comes to living healthy, I promote the philosophy that your human body is perfectly normal. Diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and many others, are usually the result of not feeding your body the foods the earth naturally creates. Humans are the only animal that do not eat what the earth makes naturally. Squirrels aren’t saying, “I’m tired of acorns, let’s go out for pizza.” During this podcast, I discuss my straightforward philosophy and how this pertains to reversing type 2 diabetes, losing weight and living a naturally healthy life.

Ep #50 The Manual

When it comes to our relationships, we often have expectations of how other should behave. Sometimes these expectations are implied and not plainly expressed. If someone does not comply with our implied expectations, which in coaching we call “our manual”, we may experience negative feelings. During this podcast, I discuss why manual work is so important to managing our emotions and reversing type 2 diabetes.

Ep #49 Anatomy of Thought Change

One of the tools I teach for reversing diabetes is the thought model, which is the idea that thoughts drive feelings, actions and inevitably results. If you want different results, you need to work on finding a different thought. While conceptually this tool seems simple, applying and mastering this tool is much more difficult. During this podcast, I provide examples of how the thought model is applied and illustrate the many steps in the process. I discuss the challenges and iterations that are common on the road to living a naturally healthy life.