Ep #69 The “Have To” vs. “Get To” State of Mind

Feelings of obligation can become overwhelming during the holiday season. Often, clients come to me frustrated because of all the things they “have to” do, such as buying gifts, cooking meals, cleaning, decorating, etc. During this podcast, I discuss the “have to” mindset and challenge the belief that we must do anything. When it comes to life, everything is optional. We choose our responsibilities based upon the outcomes we desire. This “get to” thought is a much more empowering mindset.

Ep #46 Authenticity

The definition of authenticity or authentic is being of undisputed origin or genuine. In life, we often make decisions motivated by obligation or social pressures. Typically, these decisions are not in alignment with our authentic selves. During this podcast, I discuss how envisioning your authentic self and making decisions in alignment with this vision is an important part of living a naturally healthy life.

Ep #38 Benefits of Fasting

working during a fast

Fasting has several fabulous benefits including weight loss and improving insulin sensitivity. In addition these health benefits, many clients report fasting results in saving money and time as well as providing opportunities for mind management regarding food. During this podcast, I discuss the many benefits of fasting and provide real-world examples.

Ep #16 Intermittent Fasting


Fasting is my second favorite F-word. Mention the word fasting and most Americans look at you like you dropped an F-bomb. However, fasting can be a useful tool to resolve type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity and for weight loss. During this podcast, I discuss the science behind how fasting works and introduce different fasting regiments.

Ep #31 When to Eat: The Role of Insulin

If you’re interested in losing weight and managing common weight-related ailments, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, when you eat may be as important as what you eat. Tens of thousands of years ago, food wasn’t as abundant. Consequently, the human animal would enjoy large feasts followed by periods of famine. The reason humans didn’t die off as a species is because our bodies evolved processes to endure long periods of not eating by using insulin to store energy. In this podcast, I discuss the role of insulin and why eating all day long is detrimental to your health.

Ep #4 Fasting: The Other F-Word

Anyone who knows me, knows I drop the f-bomb like it’s a comma. In this Podcast I discuss another f-word… FASTING. The concept of fasting is not new. For centuries, people have fasted a variety of reasons including politically-motivated hunger strikes and religious observances. Yet today if you mention fasting, most people cringe and explain “low-blood-sugar makes them cranky.” A growing body of research suggests that fasting, or specifically intermittent fasting, is effective for weight loss and managing common weight-related disease.

Intermittent Fasting FAQs

Following my Facebook LIVE on intermittent fasting, I was inundated with questions. I put together this FAQs on fasting to provide additional clarity and information.