It's easy to get better blood sugars!

I have created this 14 day plan to make it EASY for you!


You know you need to do something different, but you are not sure what? I have created 14 days of straight-forward meal plans for YOU!


Do you find yourself worried, or even afraid of what is happening to your health because of your blood sugars. You can gain control in just 14 days!


No matter what you eat your blood sugars are high? 14-days will give you a clear strategy to see what foods drive your sugars up and how to drive them DOWN!

It is POSSIBLE to see better blood sugars!

In this workbook you get…

  • Out of confusion.
  • Gain control of your eating. 
  • More energy! 
  • Less worry!

In just 2 weeks.

hey there

I'm Dr. Delane Vaughn

I am a board-certified family practice doc and I understand how frustrating it can be to make changes for your health and not see the results you want.

After developing prediabetes, I was making the typical changes–less calories, more exercise. But I was not seeing the results. 

I was confused and frustrated, just like you. 

What was I going to do, ask a doctor? I WAS THE DOCTOR! 

I found another way. I have taught hundreds of women this science-based approach. I can teach you too!

In just 2 weeks! 

Lori's Story

Connie's Story

Jennifer's Story!

“That 14-day program is remarkable! By day 12, my fasting sugar was below 100 and remained between 90 and 103! My A1c is  down to 5.6%! So grateful I found this.

Keep up the good fight!!”

“Between Jan. 1st, and Feb 14th, I saw my A1c drop from 6.2 to 5.4 and lost 16 pounds! I never thought it would be this easy! I am thrilled and amazed with these results! My doctor was so impressed!”

“My A1C was 7.5 in January and is 5.9 as of early May. My blood sugar was ranging 175-189 and now it is 100 fasting and I’ve lost 22 lbs.

This can be done if we are determined to change our lives!”

What does the 14 days include?

  • Clear food plan in a menu format.
  • Recommendations on substitutions and adjustments.
  • Lower blood sugars, 

Don't waste another day.
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