EP180: Let’s Leave “I Don’t Have Time to Fix My Type 2 Diabetes” in 2022!

Do you frequently feel like you "don't have time for this"? Do you feel like you "can't live without" a certain food, even though it's making you sick? Do you feel like you "don't know how to fix type 2 diabetes"? Do you feel like you "can't eat differently because your family doesn't like that food"? If these stories float through your brain...this episode is for you!! Let's leave the stories that are keeping you from your goals in 2022. Let's make 2023 the year you move past type 2 diabetes!
Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD
Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD
EP180: Let's Leave "I Don't Have Time to Fix My Type 2 Diabetes" in 2022!