EP205: The Breakup

This week’s podcast is one of my favorite topics. Many women get STUCK unable to make the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to reverse their type 2 diabetes because of their “bad relationship” with food! When they can’t force themselves to stop eating the food, they become frustrated, worried, and confused. Then end up feeling guilty and ashamed that their diabetes persists or even progresses. When we have bad relationships with other humans, we have to change that relationship. This might mean exiting the relationship. There is a common experience amongst humans in processing these stages of emotions. These emotions must be processed in order to not become stuck in one stage or another. When we have a bad relationship with food and we decide to CHANGE that relationship we will go through these same stages. We often become STUCK in one of these stages because we do not process the emotions in that stage. Many times we don’t process the emotions because we don’t think we should have that feeling about FOOD. It seems silly! And that keeps us stuck! In this episode I go through the stages of grieving a breakup. You know that “bad boyfriend” in college? The significant other that strung you along for months. The one who would make you feel like a million bucks and then disappear from your life for days or even weeks. You end up feeling confused, worried, and frustrated. This is a relationship most of us have experienced and decided to exit the relationship. This is very similar to the relationship with food that makes you sick with type 2 diabetes. It strings you along, with promises of being “ok.” It makes you feel amazing, buzzed on chocolate, and then when your blood sugar sky-rockets, you feel confused, worried, and frustrated. This episode walks you through the stages of grief and how to apply it not just to the end of bad relationships with other humans, but also how to apply the stages to the end of your bad relationship with food. Check it out!
Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD
EP205: The Breakup

Disclaimer: If you have been medicated for your type 2 diabetes, BE CAREFUL!  Remember, you have been medicated because of the way you have eaten in the past.  If you change the way you are eating, your medications will have to change also.  Watch your sugars closely, call your medical provided, review your sugars with them.  They will adjust your medications as needed.