EP249: Diabetes and Hypertension

In this episode I focus on the connection between chronic diseases and insulin resistance. Specifically, hypertension. This is often attributed to genes, salt, smoking, or alcohol use. These are relevant lifestyle factors, but research is mounting linking hypertension primarily to insulin resistance. Insulin excess leads to vessel constriction, reduced nitric oxide, and elevated aldosterone. This episode explains how these mechanisms lead to increased blood pressure. Understanding insulin's role is crucial in managing hypertension and other related conditions.
Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD
EP249: Diabetes and Hypertension

Disclaimer: If you have been medicated for your type 2 diabetes, BE CAREFUL!  Remember, you have been medicated because of the way you have eaten in the past.  If you change the way you are eating, your medications will have to change also.  Watch your sugars closely, call your medical provided, review your sugars with them.  They will adjust your medications as needed. 



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