EP250: Diabetes and Dyslipidemia

This episode delves into the intricate relationship between diabetes and dyslipidemia, exploring how insulin resistance affects liver function, leading to an imbalance in cholesterol levels. Abnormal cholesterol levels often accompany abnormal A1c levels. Historically, statin therapy has been a cornerstone in dyslipidemia treatment, recent research challenges its effectiveness, tying statin use to worsening insulin resistance and hormonal balance. I point out the importance of dietary interventions, emphasizing the detrimental effects of processed foods on health. In the end, I encourage you to embark on a 90-day journey of eliminating processed foods to reclaim your health. Check it out! Tell me how it goes!
Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD
EP250: Diabetes and Dyslipidemia

Disclaimer: If you have been medicated for your type 2 diabetes, BE CAREFUL!  Remember, you have been medicated because of the way you have eaten in the past.  If you change the way you are eating, your medications will have to change also.  Watch your sugars closely, call your medical provided, review your sugars with them.  They will adjust your medications as needed. 



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