Women come to me wanting to know how to fix their type 2 diabetes.  How do I reverse my type 2 diabetes? How do I get off my diabetes medications? How do I get healthy?  They think that I am going to give them a food plan. They think I will give them an exercise plan.  They think I will teach them something about their bodies and science.  Good news: I will TOTALLY DO THAT! But that is not the issue at hand. They really do NOT need me to teach them why chocolate cake is a problem.  They know chocolate cake is a problem.  This is why they are frustrated.  These women have done so many challenging things in their lives.  Professionally and personally, they have accomplished so much. 

But chocolate cake has them stuck.  And it does not make sense to them.

The reason they are stuck about the chocolate cake is because they do not know how to deal with the desires and feelings they experience which lead them to eat the chocolate cake.  I teach women how to navigate this.  This is what I do that is different from any other “get healthy” program out there. I teach women how to have a feeling and NOT allow it to mean they need to EAT the cake! 

This episode will teach you how. Check it out!