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Ep165: Why You Are Overeating

Ep165: Why You Are Overeating

This is the number one issue the women in the DelaneMD group struggle with to fix their type 2 diabetes. "I don't know why I keep eating this." They can't figure out why they keep eating the foods that are making them sick with type 2 diabetes. They can't seem to control themselves around pizza, cake, chocolates, or ice cream. They want to be able to eat this food like a "normal person." They are frustrated that they can't figure it out. And they make it mean they are BROKEN! No. No. NO!!! Nope! That's not it at all. This episode explains why we can't stop eating those foods. This episode explains the biology behind it. Once you can understand how to make your biology start working FOR YOU (instead of against you!), you can get started on the path of reversing your type 2 diabetes! This episode is for YOU!! I have CHANGED things up a little bit! I am going live on my YouTube Channel. You can find my channel by Googling "YouTube DelaneMD." It's the first thing to pop up! I am posting the podcasts to YouTube mid-week (before the podcast goes live on the podcast players). Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get the podcast FIRST! And as always, tell me what you think!