Holiday Health Fix

Are you a successful, self-reliant professional with diabetes or prediabetes? Do you struggle each holiday season to stay in control of your blood sugars and weight? You are not alone. The most wonderful time of the year is also the most challenging time.

During the holidays, many people are frustrated about their inability to fix their declining health. They worry about the long-term consequences of diabetes and the negative impact on quality of life, longevity, and future holiday seasons. These same high-achieving people manage companies and navigate complex processes, but struggle to gain control over basic health.

The Cycle of Sickness

Despite our best intentions, the negative health effects of the holiday season are not reversed during the rest of the year according to multiple research studies. This means, each year you start the holidays less healthy than the previous year. Additionally, risk of death from stroke and heart disease increases over the holiday season. For people with diabetes and prediabetes who are commonly overweight and already at increased risk of stroke and heart disease, this is especially alarming. Furthermore, the healthcare system only offers medications that have side-effects like nausea, bloating and weight gain, and for those on insulin, injections are painful and inconvenient.

If you are worried, saddened and even fearful that life is passing you by while you are sick, DelaneMD is your solution. The Holiday Health Fix is a evidence-based program to help you control your blood sugars and reverse your diabetes, and stop the cycle of getting sicker each year.

Ready to Make a Change?

Gain control of your health and stop the holiday health decline with the Holiday Health Fix.