This is the beginning of 2024 and getting healthy is top priority for you! You have tried many things in the past but struggled to determine how to get lasting results.

Likely you know what to eat.

Likely you know how to exercise.

Likely you know the best supplements to take.

But you still can’t get your A1c to come down and stay down.

There is a block, and you can’t seem to uncover it.

This is the crux of your type 2 diabetes. This month you’ve started to make healthier food choices and hit the gym each day. But you know that in the past this lasted for a couple of weeks and then something happened.

This webinar focuses on figuring out what has happened. Don’t let your brain tell you that you can’t seem to figure it out. Don’t let your brain tell you it’s a lost cause. Don’t let your brain tell you this is going to be like all of the other years. Hell no it won’t be! This webinar is a brief review of the Thought Model tool that I use for coaching clients and teaching how to use it as a self-coaching tool.

There is also some coaching to help you see how your brain creates for your health! This webinar is open to anyone, so share it with your bestie!


all right hello there good morning thank you for being here it’s you know morning time and I think it can be crazy it’s funny I just start this webinar and my phone starts ringing so my watch starts buzzing at me which I think is hilarious so a couple of things I would love it if you would test the chat and see it should be working in the past I’ve always said you know use the chat and then you know people will be in they’ll be like the chat doesn’t work and I’ll be like oh okay so I think I fixed the setting on Zoom to make that work so if you would test the the chat and if for some reason that won’t work um definitely use the question and answer um box I uh we’ll definitely have questions and um I want to hear an I have questions for you and I want to hear your answer to some of those questions but I also um want to be able to answer any questions you might have lastly um if you’re interested in coaching uh don’t hesitate to raise your hand so I’m GNA put that it Chimes if somebody raises their hand so at the end of this there should be plenty of time for coaching so don’t hesitate to raise your hand we’re going to talk today about a lot of different things um not just uh I mean we are going to cover like what causes type two diabetes and um that can you know sometimes it’s complicated because it’s not what we’ve been taught so don’t hesitate to raise qu you know raise your hand and ask questions there or put it in the chat again or put it in the question and answer but then also as I talk about kind of what creates consistency and what creates um the ability like what is it that gets in our way if either something resonates and you want to coach through your personal experience on it or whether um you just feel like uh you’ve got something else that happens like that is not the thought that I have I have some other thought don’t hesitate to um put those you know raise your hand and get the help that you need or again put it in the question and answer box or the chat box and I want to move that information over so that I can see it so um all right so thanks for coming welcome I’m glad you’re here um glad you chose to I’m grateful that you chose to spend some time with me to kind of figure this out and figure out um your health and and put type two diabetes behind you in 2024 in the chat um you can again the chat the question and answer however you want to do it put in there what you believe creates um consistency for you what do you believe it is that creates your consistency when you’ve seen it in the past because I want to make sure that I’m addressing that um you can see my slides here again if you can’t please let me know about that too um I love I want to know so a couple things I want to know what creates consistency I also want to know what you believe is creating your type two diabetes because both of those things I think our understanding our common knowledge understanding of those things we believe X creates our diabetes where what is actually creating our diabetes is different and we’re going to talk about that and then we create something or we believe something creates our consistency and we’re going to talk about what actually creates our consistency so if you’ve not read anything from Brianna Weist I highly recommend you do she is a lovely 30 something-year-old writer and I have no idea how she has such amazing wisdom in her 30s I don’t know that I should have been cutting my own meat in my 30s because I definitely did did not have this wisdom but she’s got a couple books one of them that I highly recommend especially if you struggle with um self-sabotage and certainly self-sabotage is sometimes at the heart of consistency um her book is the mountain is you and I highly recommend that for anybody who’s struggled with self-sabotaging behaviors um but the this quote consistency is the tonic that transforms your life into a dream of your own design is spoton I mean it’s like the magic sauce of creating the life that you want even when you consistently do something that’s wrong you get evidence like oh I need to adjust just that thing that I’m doing because it’s not creating what I want right if you’re consistently eating carbohydrates you’re going to not be maybe getting the health results that you want if you see that that consistent pattern and you can see what it is you just need to change it and that’s where this consistency becomes the thing that transforms your life into whatever you want the dream that you’ve always had for yourself this particular quote is from the pivot year I am not paid by Brianna wasis to promote her books but um the pivot year it’s 365 passages they’re meant to be read each day and this was at the bottom of one that she had about consistency so um I thought it fit very well for what we’re talking about today so before we get started if you’re medicated for your type 2 diabetes please make sure you are careful as you’re making any dietary changes you have been started on meds because of how you’ve eaten in the past and if you change the way you eat you’re going to need to change the meds that you’re taking if you don’t do that you can get very sick so if you’re on anything but metformin you probably need to have a conversation with your doctor if you’re going to make some dietary changes so that they know that you’re doing that they’re going to tell you how to give their your blood sugar logs to them and then how they want to give you information about changing those meds so make sure that you um set that relationship up with your primary care whoever your prescribing physician is or provider is so um but do be careful if you make dietary changes as if you are medicated because again you can drop your blood sugars too low and you can get very sick to include death with that we don’t see a lot of that but it is possible so I need you to be aware of that all right so today we are going to talk about the cause of type two diabetes and what it is it’s not your blood sugar so if that’s something you know this may be news to you um if you’re just starting kind of on this journey for normalizing your diabetes and fixing that the cause of it is not your blood sugars and learning how to fix the cause is kind of how you fix the disease so um understanding that’s really important we’re also going to talk about how to master strategies to fix your type two diabetes we’re going to talk about what strategies those are and then we’re going to talk about what they look like in real life what you can expect to I’m going to share a few stories from clients that I’ve had and then lastly how to be consistent in order to create the health that you want in your life again there should be time for coaching at the end so raise your hand now to get in line for that um and then also make sure you put anything that doesn’t make sense to you put it in the chat box put it in the question and answer let me know so I can make sure that you’re getting the help that you need from this webinar so what causes type 2 diabetes lots of people people want to believe that it’s their blood sugar like my blood sugar is causing my type two diabetes my blood sugar being too high is what causes my type two diabetes that is not what’s causing your type two diabetes that is a symptom of your type two diabetes it’s kind of like um if you have strep throat the fever isn’t causing your strep throat the fever is a symptom of your of the bacterial infection if you have influenza the fever isn’t causing the influenza the influenza the fever is a symptom of the influenza the cause of the strep throat is bacterial infection in your throat the cause of influenza is the Contra you got a virus right the cause of type two diabetes is insulin resistance it is not the high blood sugars if you only treat the fever with strep throat you’re not going to make the disease go away if you only treat the fever with influenza you’re not going to make it go away the INF the ones just test to run its course if you’re only treating blood sugars you’re not going to make your type 2 diabetes go away you’re not going to fix the underlying problem you have to fix the underlying problem which is this insulin resistance so what causes insulin resistance is when we get exposed to high concentrations of insulin and you get exposed over a prolong period of time the physiology like how the biology of diabetes how it works is we develop insulin resistance and then our blood sugars go high that is how it works so if we can treat the developing thing the insulin resistance our blood sugars come down okay so I want to talk I lots of times this idea of insulin resistance is vague and and people don’t understand it and I spend a lot of time here because you have to fix the insulin component not the blood sugar and sometimes those aren’t the same things okay so what happens how insulin resistance causes our type two diabetes is I like to use an analogy of noise so if you think of noise or sound as insulin like those two are analogous and you think of your ears as your cells okay when you’re exposed to a small amount of noise your ears can respond very sensitively to that small amount of noise same thing if your cells are exposed to a small amount of insulin your cells can respond to that small amount of insulin very sensitively but if you go to a place that has a ton of noise whether it be a sporting event or a rock concert your ears cannot respond sensitively to the amount of noise that’s being produced in that situation and in fact like your ears will start if you’ve ever had the experience of going to a rock concert and when you come out your ears feel kind of muffled that is an element of your ears like being Overexposed to noise they stop working correctly suddenly they can’t hear Whispers from somebody else because your ears are not working correctly same thing noise as insulin your ears are your cells if your cells get over exposed to insulin they stop working correctly they no longer hear the message they no longer respond to small amounts you have to have tons of insulin in your system to get your cells to respond same thing with the noise if you’ve been at a rock concert your friend can get your attention and pass a message to you tell you something but they have to scream really loud and that’s the same thing that’s happening in your cells your cells can get the message from insulin but your pancreas has to put out tons of it okay so when your cells are Overexposed to the insulin they stop working correctly that’s called insulin resistance kind of like your ears are resistant to noise your cells are resistant to the insulin the fix to this problem is not adding more insulin which is what a lot of times will happen with Western medicine they’re going to give you meds to make your pancreas squeeze out more insulin they’re going to give you insulin injections they’re going to do something to increase the amount of insulin present to your cells to override they’re basically yelling louder at your cells okay and over time if you’re in a rock concert and you continue a super loud noise over time that damages your hearing long term right we know this like that’s why we put ear muffs now on kids when we take them to concerts right it’s why we have people who work in the air ping industry they are in any manufacturing industry they have to wear ear protection and that ear protection is because if we don’t protect your hearing you’re going to lose hearing long term so it’s the same thing like adding more insulin like will will over time damage you possibly I don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen I mean sometimes it happens to where we can’t reverse it because you’re so debil like if you’ve got renal dysfunction and you need dialysis you’re going to have to be on a on a diet to maintain dialysis that is anti-diabetes right like it’s anti- fixing diabetes so that diet is going to make your diabetes worse at that point we’re kind of in a catch 22 okay but adding more noise to this situation adding more insulin to the situation is never going to be the answer the answer to the ear problem as you go home and you go to bed in a quiet room and when you wake up in the morning your ears have recovered okay you remove the noise and your ears can restore themselves can heal same thing with the insulin if your cells are insulin resistant you remove the insulin and your cells can heal okay so that’s what you do to fix your type two diabetes so how do we lower the insulin in our bodies the insulin in our body is produced because of the foods that we eat okay so if we’re eating foods that release that cause our bodies to release a ton of insulin the insulin is causing the high blood sugars then the that food is causing the high blood sugars yes but we have to fix that middle step okay recognize nothing is broken about your body like it’s not a genetic thing you know if you’ve ever heard me talk about this you did not get diabetes from your family you got your love for pizza and apple pie from your family that’s what I got right I did not get diabetes from my family I got my love for crappy food from my family that’s what if your family eats that way and you eat that way and your family got sick with a disease you can expect that you’re going to get sick with that same disease okay nothing’s broken about your body and it’s really important to see that this is a normal physiologic response this is a normal biologic response in the human being when the human being in our biology gets exposed to food that’s not really natural to the human diet to the human being right this is the standard American diet the sad diet it’s made up of tons of food that are not naturally available to human beings our biology has not developed a way to manage those foods that in a way that doesn’t keep us sick or doesn’t make us sick okay so consistently eating foods that produce a disease in your body that create type two diabetes is what has created the disease right consistently changing that to eating foods that don’t produce a ton of ins in your in your body that is going to fix your type two diabetes remember please understand that you have to fix this insulin component just because your blood sugars are lower does not always mean that your insulin resistance has gone it’s gone away or that your insulin is lower it takes time of consistent Behavior that’s where consistency is so so important it takes time of like months of consistently lowering that insulin level in order for your cells to have an opportunity need to heal okay and I’m going to talk a little bit about this but you can expect 6 to 12 weeks of consistently eating in a way to keep your blood sugars low which keeps your insulin level low and when your insulin level is low then your cells can heal up right like you have to stay out of the noise for a while for your ears to heal up okay so keeping that low it takes 6 to 12 weeks at least sometimes it takes longer before your insulin resistance actually results vves okay let me know if there’s any questions about that CU I do understand that that is not necessarily what the diet industry teaches this isn’t what the nutritionists and dietitians frequently will teach this is not what you’re hearing from your doctor like I understand this is not what you’re seeing in your doctor if you go to your doctor and have lunch with your doctor they’re going to eat like bread sticks and all sorts of bread and flour and sugar-based foods and then they’re going to have dessert because that’s what we do right like you’re we’re not seeing this so it may not make Mak sense so if there are any questions don’t hesitate to put it again in the chat or the question and answer okay so my basic strategy the Delan MD strategy is basically that you stop eating junk this is the primary part yes I teach fasting and yes I teach nutritional ketosis but there is no amount of fasting or nutritional ketosis that’s going to make eating junk okay we are the only animals on all of the earth that doesn’t eat the food that the Earth is making for them squirrels do not complain about acorns and ask for peace pizza and deer doesn’t get bored with grass and ask for Chinese food and poor koalas can only eat eucalyptus leaves that’s all they can eat anything outside of that makes them sick we are the only human that looks at the food of the earth we look at the lettuce the Cucumbers the tomatoes of the earth and we’re like no I’m good I’m G to have red bulls and Doritos and that’s why we’re sick and we can’t figure it out we’re like what’s the problem here if you think about it most people put more thought into what they’re going to feed their dog than they do about what they feed themselves The Zo Zoo handlers like the zookeepers at the Zoo have way more restrictions on what they will feed the giraffes and the Tigers and the rhinoceros than they ever think about what like then what is it the food like the food court at the zoo right like they eat all of that stuff they don’t ever consider does this food match my biology when they do think about it for the giraffes and the rhinoceroses and the Tigers and the Lions right so thinking about the food that matches our biology we are beings of the Earth and the Earth is kind of what our biology was developed on like our biology you know came from eating those Foods if we stop eating those Foods it does not match our biology and it’s really that simple so avoiding processed foods when we process foods we alter their natural ratio of nutrients okay so when we alter that natural ratio of nutrients and we’re going to talk about this about macronutrients when we alter those macronutrient ratios it Alters our body’s ability to to manage and process those Foods okay usually when we process foods as human beings prior to eating them what we’re doing is concentrating the carbohydrate component so if you think about like I don’t know I always wonder if you can see me my arrow if you think about the um jelly that you see here right so what we do here is we take a fruit a strawberry in this case and we heat it up when we heat strawberries that’s processing it and yes any time we heat any food we’re processing it when we heat a strawberry though it heats up and we denature we break the chemical bond between the carbohydrate and the fiber component of that food the fiber dissolves which is why heated fruits and veggies tend to be softer than raw fruits and veggies like a heated strawberry a hot strawberry is going to be softer than a raw strawberry a hot carrot warm carrot cooked carrots are softer than raw carrots and it’s because because we denature the fiber component we break it down we break it apart from the uh carbohydrate and we break down the fiber component with that heat and what that then leaves is just the carbohydrate component and when we’re making jelly that’s not enough even though it’s sweeter even though a warmed strawberry is sweeter than a raw strawberry that’s not enough we add sugar to it because that’s the American way okay same thing happens with your fruit rollups as if you need me to tell you that Fruit Roll-Ups any kind of fruit that you that are that’s delivered to you on wax paper may not be real like if you need me to tell you that okay fine but clearly fruit rollups it’s the same thing we’re heating up a fruit we’re breaking apart the carbohydrate component from the fiber component we are breaking down the fiber component with the heat and it’s just leaving the carbohydrate component which is sweeter bread is the same way when we pulverize the wheat you know the wheat that we see here to the left of this picture is what we get in nature the bread is what we eat when we pulverize this wheat we remove all of the fiber from from it the many of the micronutrients from it and we concentrate just the carbohydrate component and then of course we bake it up with some milk and some yeast and some eggs or whatever and because we love our sugar in America we usually put some sugar in it to make it honey wheat bread okay the juice is the same thing if you’re going to make a six to eight ounce glass of orange juice you’re probably going to require the I mean like it will require at least eight um oranges and we squeeze out the sugar and we remove all the fiber okay that is concentrating the sugar component and throwing away the fiber component so and if you think about eating six to eight oranges in one sitting like that’s a ton of oranges right like we get full before we ate that but when we drink it in a glass suddenly we consume all this sugar we’re able to consume all this carbohydrate component this is the problem with processed foods this is why it’s so imperative to eat food in their natural forms this is the primary cause of your type two diabetes okay we are concentrating the carbohydrate component the carbohydrates give us a huge surge which I’m going to talk about here in a minute a huge surge of insulin and that huge surge of insulin leads to insulin resistance in the cell okay it requires consistently lowering the carbohydrate intake in order for you to see changes that result in better blood sugars and better a1c’s and better fasting blood sugars you are going to consist have to consistently keep your blood sugars low your insulin low low for 6 to 12 weeks okay so I know that that can be confusing and I you know you guys aren’t asking any questions which is great maybe you’re following me but understand when your blood sugar is high in your bloodstream when it’s floating when there’s sugar floating around in your bloodstream your pancreas picks that up it senses it and when your pancreas senses a blood sugar that’s high it puts out insulin okay and it will continue to put out tons of insulin until it brings brings that down okay so if your cells are insulin resistant and not listening to the message your pancreas just tries to put more insulin out it tries to yell louder until these cells respond okay what that does though that higher level of insulin just leads to more insulin resistance in your cell okay that’s why you have to bring those blood sugars low so your pancreas can get a break and when your pancreas isn’t spitting out all the insulin then your cells can finally start to heal from that overex exposure that’s what has to happen and you have to do it for 6 to 12 weeks for your cells to have the opportunity to heal so the food that you eat is the primary cause of this consistent changes are going to lead to the health changes the results that you’re looking for and you’re going to have to do it for 6 to 12 weeks in order for you to keep to fix to heal your cells to heal the insulin resistance in your cells and this is where kind of um understanding that it is not just just the blood sugar there are lots of times that people will have low blood sugars but then have like some Joy eat which is what I call it or cheat day that cheat day runs out those cells because they have not had the chance to heal okay if you don’t entirely heal your cells then every time they get exposed again to a huge surge of insulin on a cheat day they are going to develop that insulin resistance again okay so understand that that it really does take consistent changes 6 to 12 weeks of it okay so the foods that you should be eating are going to be the foods that the earth makes for us the earth makes foods for us in the perfect ratio of all the macronutrients okay so you know fat and carbohydrate and protein those macronutrients but again they’re also paired with fiber that fiber slows your absorption of the carbohydrates the fiber and carbohydrate and fiber and natural foods are bound together and when they’re bound together they can’t absorb into the bloodstream as effectively like as quickly so instead of getting a huge Spike of insulin you’re getting kind of this bump of ins or instead of getting a huge Spike of glucose you’re getting a bump of glucose and again there’s going to be an insulin response with that okay so the fiber is huge and protective when eating carbohydrates which is why carbohydrates in the form of tomato or a Pepper or a strawberry never made anybody sick but carbohydrates in the form of strawberry jelly or ketchup with sugar in it or pizza sauce or pizza like all of those Foods we have pulled that fiber component away from those processed foods and those foods will make us sick okay so when we’re thinking about these macronutrients there is a different insulin response to each of these macronutrients so fats in food so avocados are loaded with fat um almonds are loaded with fat eggs are loaded with fat there’s all sorts of super healthy food meat although you know people have a lot of opinions about meat but they’re typically loaded with fat these fat foods or any fats they have a very low insulin production like when you eat them and they’re in your system your pancreas doesn’t have any care of them they have a very minimal response in the form of insulin to those fats okay proteins have a moderate insulin respon but response but still pretty low just so we’re clear okay and then lastly carbohydrates they have a huge insulin response and that’s why when you like work when women work with me or when you hear people talk about how to reverse or fix or even manage your type two diabetes there’s so much Focus around carbohydrates carbohydrates have a huge response of insulin in the body and when you think about these three macronutrients there are what we call essential essential fatty acids so there’s an amount of fatty acid or fat that you have to get in your diet there’s an amount of that that you have to eat every day to get it your body can’t produce it it’s not about an amount it’s that you have to consume certain fats because your body cannot make them there are certain proteins or amino acids that called essential amino acids it’s the same thing your body cannot produce them we have to consume them in our diet there is absolutely no essential carbohydrate there is no requirement for carbohydrates by the human being at all our body will produce any carbohydrates we need is really what it comes down to if you need glucose your liver will produce it your liver can take proteins and convert it into glucose your liver can take fats and convert it into energy other sources of energy there is absolutely no need to consume those carbohydrates now I say that not all carbs are bad I don’t mean don’t do any carbs our carbohydrates are typically what carry our micronutrients our vitamins our minerals polyphenols you know phytochemicals all of these like minor small amount Trace elements that we need in our body to keep us healthy so there is a reason to eat carbohydrates there is not a reason to eat Pop-Tarts ever there is no need for it and in fact the processing of the carbohydrate is actually a toxic thing so it’s probably never a good idea to have not carbohydrate the processing of the Pop-Tart is a toxic thing and probably it’s never a good idea to have it in your diet or it’s never the healthy thing at least it’s always going to be a toxin so um that’s that macronutrient thing that we’ve been talking about when we talk about like the ratio of macronutrients in our whole natur Natural Foods this is what we’re talking about nature makes the fat protein carbohydrate components and a perfect ratio in our Foods so when you’re eating an avocado it has all of the perfect ratio of those things if you eat um a walnut a pecan a almond cashew a Macadamia whatever it is those are produced if you’re eating them raw especially and they have like the Earth produces them for us with the perfect ratio of macronutrients so when we process them we totally screw up that ratio though so avoiding that processed food all right so I’m going to share with you a little bit about what it looks like to see this in action like how does this look in real life this is um Carol she’s a client of mine her and I work together for probably a year um and then occasionally I’ll hear from her I’ll run into her so she would tell you after 20 years of working with doctors and them offering nothing but medications it took her and I coaching together for her to create a full recovery her A1C dropped from six to five at at like its lowest point five is not where it has to stay it’s not about staying low forever it is kind of fun to see how low you can get but then where do you want to live right so she was able to figure out how to consistently eat in a way that she loved that keeps her healthy okay um she lost weight with me her fasting blood sugar went from 114 to 94 saw a lot of really amazing results from learning how to do this consistently and again it’s not consistently keeping everything as low as possible you do sometimes have to keep it low for a while right and sometimes you have to consistently use the right strategy but you don’t have to use that same strategy forever but you do have to be consistent in what works and that’s what she found she found that she could do the strategy that healed her cells and then consistent ly live in a place that kept her healthy and sometimes those aren’t the same strategies Sylvie was a university R uh professor she had retired she had three grandchildren but she had struggled with type 2 diabetes for decades and with her weight for even longer she had multiple cycles of weight loss on various commercial programs she couldn’t seem to make those results stick she would see rapid changes and see Improvement and then quickly she would turn back to the old habits that she had and either gain her weight back or see her A1C pop up she really had eroded this trust in herself to be able to stick with it in order to keep long-term to maintain and Achieve long-term results um through coaching in my program she was able to um learn really the skills like what skills do I need to be implementing to do this to maintain this long term she really um developed this consistency and then she was her I mean this is one thing that I promote I will will be who you’re accountable for in the beginning but I am not going to be your accountability partner long term you’re going to have to be your accountability partner long term why do you do this for you I don’t have a cattle proter where I’m going to take you and zap you if you have a peanut butter or like peanut butter sandwich or something that’s not what I do why is it important for you to not have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich creating that accountability to you her A1C dropped to 5.4 after being as high as seven she lost 42 lbs she maintained that weight loss the holidays which is just huge for her um so those are the results that this you know consistency can really create for you another client was very young when she started with me in her early 20s had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 15 and given the same typical story this is a progressive disease he need to be on meds um it’s genetic she was even told um she didn’t want to take meds she didn’t want to do that longterm she had struggled with getting up in the middle of the night and eating and that was what she was consistently doing that got her to the A1C that she had that was elevated and when she learned and that’s what I do I I teach you skills so that you can figure out why are you wanting to eat in the middle of the night what else like what do you need to be doing in the middle of the night because it’s never getting up and eating right like that’s not required how do we stop doing this Behavior she was able to bring her A1C down to 5.4 in the first four months we worked together she dropped 12 pounds she has entirely developed the confidence she’s hilarious to talk to now she’ll come into the group meeting occasionally and she’s like well I mean like yeah I’ve got that and yeah I went on vacation and I ate this but I know what to do and usually she wants to coach on other things because this is something that she’s just learned to do and it’s easy for her she’s maintain maintained this for multiple years again she comes in and out of the uh the group meetings occasionally and yeah she’s gone on she’s like working a professional job she’s getting married she may already be married she’s thinking you know I’m getting married I want to have babies she’s just really had this amazing um I don’t know before she was worried she was going to be stuck with diabetes for the rest of her life and how was that going to impact all of her ability to do these things and now she has complete confidence she knows how to do that part and she’s just enjoying life and it’s fun to watch and then lastly Linda Linda doesn’t talk too much about consistency although I know it’s hilarious when we coach together she always tells me how it’s uncomfortable and why can’t I eat the things and there’s all this but she she would never call it consistency but what I know is she is consistently she’s a champion at consistently doing the thing that’s hard even when it’s hard and maybe she doesn’t always want to do it what she has said is this is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself she said her I mean her fasting I’ve seen on her logs have dropped from 15 to right around 100 her a1c’s dropped to 5.4 she’s lost over 40 lbs she again maintained it through the holidays and then she allowed me to share a picture and I mean what more can you say about this picture I mean one her smile just makes everybody smile but clearly she has lost weight she’s vibrant she’s enjoying life so how to create these consistent results or how to create consistency in your life again I you know I know what people say they believe that consistency is Created from um a schedule like I have a routine that’s what creates consistency tell me if any of this is what you’re having you know you have a routine in your life you have um the foods I need right like my my fridge is stock that’s what allows me to be consistent um I stay away from the breakroom that allows me to be consistent so consistency is built on practice period and end of sentence it is practice practice practice sometimes you do need information like we need to talk about oh it’s going to take 6 to 12 weeks of consistent behavior for your insulin resistance to heal that’s just information that you may not have had insulin resistance is the cause of your type two diabetes that may be information you just didn’t have okay sometimes that alone can create the consistency that you’re looking for but sometimes we need more we need to again practice like what is it that’s going to work this starts with making a plan you make a plan and I always tell women start with you know what you know is right I mean like you know Pop-Tarts are a problem you know Donuts are not good for you you know Burgers and Fries are a problem you know the sodas are a problem you know the Kappa frappa Chapa baas from Starbucks that are loaded down with sugar you know they’re a problem you don’t need me to tell you that that’s not information you need start with what you know is an issue and plan to avoid them and then you practice sticking to that plan and when you don’t stick to the plan you coach on it and so we’re going to talk about like self- coaching we’re going to talk about the uh the thought model which is a self- coaching technique that you can use to deconstruct the reason you didn’t stick to a plan okay lots of women will say and you may be saying but plans don’t work for me like I don’t like plans I’ve made them before I don’t stick to them they just don’t work for me the plan is not what doesn’t work you have to figure out why you’re not following the plan that you’ve committed to if you committed to not having Donuts from the break room today and you ate them it’s not that the plan for not Donuts didn’t work it’s that you have to figure out why you ate them anyway okay this idea that the plans don’t work leads to a cycle right you hear about an amazing plan maybe it’s a commercially available Weight Watchers I think Jenny Craig doesn’t exist anymore neutri system whatever it is no right like you hear about this amazing plan and you’re like hell yeah I’m going to do that and you commit but then it gets boring or it’s too time consuming or you just stop liking it and you quit many women you may have seen this with the 14 days to better blood sugar and if you don’t have that I’m going to put that link maybe maybe I’m going to put that link in the chat but you may have seen a very similar experience with even doing that like just sticking to 14 days of doing of eating differently and like two or three days you’re like but I don’t like this the plan must be broken this plan doesn’t work for me lots of times women will say this it’s not that the plan doesn’t work for you okay what usually is the issue is that we have to change the thoughts like oh it’s boring right or it’s too time consuming or oh it’s not going to let me copy and paste this I will put it in oh yeah my mouse is not happy with me I have over over stressed my Mouse um it’s those thoughts though that are the issue it’s not ever that the plan doesn’t work and whether you’re you know you haven’t been able to follow my 14-day plan or whether you haven’t been able to follow Weight Watchers or whether you haven’t been able to follow the plan that your dietitian gave you it’s not that the plan’s broken it’s the thoughts it’s it’s boring it’s timec consuming I don’t like it those are the issues that keep us that are the problem it’s never the plan most women have repeated this cycle with many plans and they feel like they need to find the right plan and of course it’s never the plan you you can keep looking for another plan recognize like you don’t need to find the right plan and you’re never going to find the plan that allows you to keep eating the foods that made you sick that’s just never going to happen it’s not the plan issue what is consistent with your um inability to follow what is consistent with why plans don’t work is that your brain brings the same thoughts to each plan that’s why it’s not working it’s not the plan being an issue the common denominator or the beliefs that you’re bringing right so this is a thought issue and this is why the thought model is so effective for changing this if you have thoughts like um the salad is boring right or oh goodness I didn’t mean to advance that or salmon and chicken is boring or eating you know something else tastes better a burger tastes better or I just need some ice cream or a little candy would hit the spot or eating drive-thru is just easier any of these sound familiar to anybody if there’s something else that your brain goes to about a plan please put it in the chat so I can we can point out like where that’s leading to these to the failure of the plan the plan is never the problem it’s I mean like it may not be your favorite plan you don’t have to do any certain plan right there is not one that I’m like oh you’ve got to do this but the way that you create consistency is by taking a plan and sticking to it and you have to overcome these thoughts if you’re going to do that so let me know it sounds familiar let me know if you’re having a different thought okay anywhere you bring the thought that a burger tastes better to any plan that you bring that to you are always going to have the same problems and the same result with that plan okay the thought is the problem not the chicken salad right that’s never the problem it’s the thought that I’d rather have a burger when you’re looking at a chicken salad and you think I’d rather have a burger you’re going to feel unsatisfied it’s totally okay to have the thoughts don’t fight them but don’t let those thoughts drive your car the car that is your health okay I feel so much better if I have blank and so I do want to talk about that Cheryl um so if you like this is this this is the thought model OKAY the thought model is five components you have a circumstance those circumstances are things that everybody sees everybody sees and agrees with them okay so for me my circumstances there is snow on the ground like everybody in Kansas can see that there’s snow on the ground nobody’s going to argue with that can be proven in a court of law my thought is snow is awful like why are we doing this my feeling is I’m unhappy miserable is probably strong but I’m definitely unhappy about it my action is I stay at home and I don’t do anything because Snow’s on the ground and I am not happy about that and my result is I’m not doing anything fun right so we have circumstances we have thoughts about those circum circumstances those thoughts create a feeling mine’s unhappy when we talk about the weather we have actions those feelings Drive certain actions in our body like in our existence and sometimes in actions and in action okay and then the result is what we get from that thought feeling action combination so Cheryl if you have a chicken salad and your thought is I’ll feel so much better if I have cake let’s just use cake I think we both agree about cake right your feeling is not feeling better right chicken salad I’d feel better if I had cake your feeling then is not feeling better it’s definitely not feeling good it’s a bad feeling it’s on probably the negative end of emotions unpleasant uncomfortable emotion your action is that while you’re eating the chicken salad you’re wishing you had a cake right your brain is fix fixating on cake thinking about cake ruminating about cake how do I get some form that’s like cake into my life so I don’t have to sit with a discomfort because cake would be better that’s what your brain will create for you and then the result is I don’t want to live this way like I don’t want to live where I’m constantly wanting something else and having to eat this other thing right that is how this thought model works when we look at that Cheryl and I know that you and I have coached about this in the Facebook group a little bit but when you think about like but cake is better cake makes me feel better I like the way I feel with it it’s not only that you like the way that you feel with it okay it’s not only like I like the way I feel with a hug from my kid but I never get sick from a hug from my kid so it’s not a problem for me to over indulge in that in addition to the cake makes you feel better or it tastes good is also that you have a negative outcome with it it’s not only that you feel better with it and if it was we wouldn’t be coaching about it you wouldn’t have a problem it wouldn’t be an issue if the cake was just good there’s also something negative that’s happening but your brain is only focusing on the fact that it tastes good okay it’s not again you don’t want to argue with that like cake does taste good you’re not wrong cake tastes delicious that thought cannot drive the car of your health if it does you will remain sick is really what it comes down to so a similar thought is this chicken salad a burger tastes better it’s very similar your feeling in your body is going to be unsatisfied and you’re going to seek out other foods to try to satisfy that your result is you eat something else you either overeat or you eat eat something that doesn’t serve your health but it tastes better and it keeps you from being consistent that is where this shows up okay you can also have the same thought about a chicken salad the chicken salad is healing this eating this heals my cells think about that in your body right now think about something healthy an avocado a salad a tomato chicken salad um gosh chia seeds or whatever they’re so supposed to be the superf food right like eating this is healing myself as you think about that what feeling comes over your body maybe it’s satisfied but maybe it’s like jazzed a little excited man I’m I’m doing something actively right now to heal my body to heal my cells your action is that you do enjoy it like you eat the food and you’re like this is like this is awesome I’m eating this and you might be even motivated to like go for a walk afterwards or do something else drink a glass of water whatever else it is and then from that space you allow your C to heal okay brains oh strength I like that one I like that one a lot your brain is going to resist this but the B your brain’s gonna say but the burger does taste better but the chocolate cake does taste better and that might be true but that thought the more time you spend with it just creates more unsatisfied feelings dissatisfaction in your body and just as true about the salad a burger does taste better than the salad or cake does taste better than the salad that is true and you feel dissatisfied with it just as true that salad heals your cells and you feel strong with it so what is the benefit of fighting to keep the story that makes you feel unsatisfied to hold on to the thought it doesn’t have you don’t have to annihilate the thought I’m not asking you to set it on fire and get it out of your brain it can be there does it have to drive the car how much healthier how much better would your diabetes be what would your A1C read if you were acting from the feeling of strength because the things that you are doing are healing yourselves versus acting from the dissatisfaction of a cake piece of cake will always taste better or a burger will always taste better okay that is how this thought model helps you to stay consistent okay all again some I mean definitely Cheryl and nay I’m pretty sure NAA I always get your name wrong and I’m so sorry but you guys have put some things in here anybody else have thoughts that you’re like oh you know this is my thought is something totally different any of those things that you have please put them in there because I’m happy to coach through any of those but recognize that these thoughts and again you know eating lettuce is boring right if like you look at your salad and like this is so boring and people do this all the time it’s week three of following a plan you’re like I’m eating another damn salad and this is boring I’m so sick of salads and your feeling is boring and your action then is that you do something to get create some jazz in your life that might look like the candy jar at work that might be like Oh I’m just screw this we are going for pizza tonight I’m not doing this [ __ ] anymore it might be um you go and get a drink right like you get may maybe like a margarita but more than that like oh I just need a little soda but that soda those little decision those little couple bites from the candy jar one they do create too much insulin in your body and that too much insulin will create a backslide like you will not continue with the forward momentum your body is going to have to heal from that offense that you just had before it will continue to heal so that’s one thing that is not consistent that doesn’t get you those long lasting results that you’re looking for but also that infraction like like that decision to do something that you know is not healthy leads to more decisions and that’s where we talk about practice right the more you practice believing this is healthy and it heals my CS the more you practice that thought the more you’re going to do it the easier it becomes to do it the more we practice these what I call ass grabs right these little snacks these little snatches that I’m hoping I won’t get caught for the more we practice that the more we get really good at it being good at that ruins your health it ruins your efforts at your heal okay right I because I trained my mind to think that way yeah yeah practicing does train you to do something right need to change the mindset this is the thought process yes this is the meat and potatoes sorry this is the meat and potatoes of what creates these long lasting changes this consistency that we’re looking for it is not another plan it is not a a a powder a shake a supplement it is not it is not a med For the Love of All That’s holy certainly not that okay um I just need some ice cream like that I just need a little bite of candy a little candy at hit the spot I just need a little bit of that that just creates this craving this desire that craving and desire you are going to seek out some way to subside it right to dampen it and that is going to give you the result that any time that you’re feeling that you’re just going to look for it like I just need a little candy you’re creating evidence yeah like look now I just ate the little candy and I feel a little bit better I just need a little candy next time too like that’s typically that would be my afternoon Mantra I just need a little bite of candy just to get through the afternoon that was my mantra for a long time and it just created evidence that I needed a little candy to get through the afternoon that is when one of those things where we can look at desire and look at the cravings for food as a circumstance and part of that is biologically I always remind women there is never a place in nature that your brain has gotten exposed to concentrated sugars like cane sugar pure cane sugar in the form of a pound bag or whatever that we get at the store there’s no place in nature that your brain got exposed to chocolate and the fat that goes in the chocolate and the sugar alog together it just it does not exist in nature and what happens in our brain does create intense Cravings there’s nothing wrong with a craving for something it’s going to be there unless you have been lucky enough to be raised by people who never allowed you to have any chocolate which has its own set of bad things like Halloween was not that much fun for you then right unless you’ve never been exposed to that to know that it’s super tasty your brain is always going to prefer the chocolate over the salad your brain’s always going to prefer the burger over the salad your brain’s always going to prefer the cake over the salad it’s just the chemistry of our brain nothing’s broken but just because the preference is there does not mean we need to act from that preference if you wait to prefer the chicken salad more than the chocolate cake you’ll never make these changes okay all right I am going to see if I can share some of these um links that I have in the chat oh maybe I don’t think that’s going to work we’re going to stop share because that’s probably going to be the first thing if you have any other I don’t see any hands raised I see a number of comments in the chat which I appreciate um oh Cheryl A I love that you’re coming on Cheryl all

right hi can you Hi friend how are you I’m good it took me a while to figure out the zoom but um I’m here so hopefully I’m doing it right yeah you seem to be yes okay so the idea is then that we we acknowledge that we have these thoughts that you know the cake is better that we want the cake and but because our brains will prefer that because that’s what we’ve been used to and then so it’s like teaching a new sorry I’ve got a bit of a cold but it’s teaching a new way of letting that thought come into our heads but choosing a different action is that correct yeah and recognize you have done this in other places of your life you probably haven’t recognized it every morning we get up and go to a job it’s not because we want to right right we would prefer to stay in bed especially when it’s like 9 degrees outside yeah we would prefer to stay in bed and not get up and go to work but we still get up and go to work right right right and then the idea is that the more that you um you practice it the more that you do this the more that you just oh kind of you let the thought be but you override the action on that thought the more that that that we sort of the brain gets reset almost yeah well the brain and I will offer I mean so I feel um women ask me pretty regularly about do I struggle like do I want and of course the holidays just passed and like if you asked me in August I’d be like I don’t know I mean like I could take or leave any of the sweets whereas before I was like oh my gosh which leg do I sever to get more M&M’s right um it does after you practice it a while like the more practice the more time you spend choosing the chicken salad instead of the cake the easier that choice does get and again it’s a practice thing the more times you ride a bike the easier it gets to ride a bike the more times you learn to drive a car the easier it got to drive a car the more you practice it the easier it gets but if you you know reexpose your brain like if you go back to like letting go of the practice of not eating it it does become like oh I mean so after the holidays like my brain had a lot of Cravings it did not last nearly as long as it used to but I remember like on the 27th being like holy crow my brain’s offering me all this junk what’s happening and it’s like of course it’s offering you all the junk you’ve enjoyed the holidays and and had treats over the holidays so of course it’s offering you that right so and the recognition I think that the reason it passes easier is because I’m not fighting with it I’m not trying to find the alternate universe where I can live where there is no craving for chocolate because that’s always going to be a part of my brain yeah yeah yeah and actually I’ve noticed that um like we went on a big holiday and so I was doing very good um before the holiday and there was going to I knew there was going to be lots of eating and and food and I did not so bad on the holiday but when I really messed up was coming back from the holiday so it was almost like after and then I just felt like the Cravings um and all that were just huge yeah so curiously when you were on the holiday give me some um things that you ate during the holiday that wouldn’t have been something that you would have eaten like that you like you’re like I know this isn’t going to help my diabetes out right well we were on a ship and they had these um almond quason and they were really good yes and so you know started off with one almonda a day and then I was going like by the end of the it was about 11 days and by the end of it I was having two almond quasa a day and now we did do lots of walking so I actually only gained five pounds but um then coming back um it just felt like I just couldn’t get out of the couldn’t get back to where I was before the holiday so so when you were on the ship and eating the croissants what story was I mean like you weren’t like you allowed yourself to have them right yeah and what was the story like what was the why did you tell yourself it was okay to have them on the ship well because I think I had in my mind okay this is 11 days so it’s like I’m going to allow myself this 11 day and we don’t you know it’s not something it was more of a a a dream trip so it’s not something we do all the time yeah yeah so yeah you had this is a special occasion and I’m gonna let this happen yeah and then on the way home what was your story about things like chryss um why why wasn’t it okay in the airport on the way home or two days after you were home why weren’t they okay well was interesting because they I um just continued um to eat the same way like I didn’t yeah and why was that a problem though well because I was gaining weight and I wasn’t feeling good so it was you know it was not making me feel good but on the ship you were having a thought that like this is a special time and it’s okay and there’s a calm and a peace that comes over your body when you feel that way yeah and you eat the food and you enjoy the time yeah but when you come home there’s a thought this got to stop that time’s over this is not okay that creates friction in your body that creates the fight that’s why it feels hard yeah and that that was exactly what there was like the fight there was like the but I want but I like like a toddler but I want but I want it I want to keep you know yeah yeah of course of course I think the realiz I think that it gets quicker and more peaceful when you’re like for my brain at least like I’m like why I’m like why where are all these it’s confusing because for so much of my life I don’t have all these Cravings so I’m like where are those coming from but I answer the question they’re coming from the fact that you enjoyed grandma’s fudge over the holidays yeah and you don’t usually eat those things and this is just the way the brain responds to it it’s kind of like if you you know hit if you get a cut on your hand when you’re cooking like it’s annoying that it hurts for so many days until it heals but you’re not like why is this happening what do I do to stop it you’re like oh this just has to heal yeah yeah and there isn’t that frustration that goes along with it and of course that’s why it seems so hard yeah it does seem very hard for sure because we’re expecting our brain not to do this yeah where it’s the and and I do think that that’s a lot of the reason that women do struggle with making these changes is because we are like I’ve I’ve made the decision I’ve arrived at a decision why is it just not working and it’s just not working because we don’t realize that our brain is definitely going to throw up some roadblocks because it wants that Feelgood inness that comes with some of those Foods yeah yeah yeah does that help Cheryl it does yeah and um I still you know I mean it’s still I I don’t know what sort of the first step is I guess um in changing the thought process other than just letting it be but then I I like what you said about that uh the phrase this is healing myself yeah and then I get I eat something that’s not healing myself then I get that thought process you know this is damaging my cells yeah I think that whenever you feel discontented about what you’re eating like you and again this starts with a plan ladies and I know again like I’ve posted about this but I do think plans are the biggest gift that you can give to yourself do you need to eat from a plan for the rest of your life no once you’ve developed a relationship with yourself where you know you’re going to eat in the uh in the benefit of your health like what’s your like this is a no-brainer like I’m just not eating burgers like and then that’s where I mean I’m pizzas not a thing I’m going to eat every day Burgers I mean when I go to Chicago I’ll eat a pizza but outside of that I’m not eating pizzas right when you develop a relationship with yourself where you’re like no I take care of my biology a little bit differently than maybe everybody else does and that’s fine once you develop that relationship you don’t need to be on a plan but when you have that difficulty making the decision in the best interest of your health a plan is the quickest way to change that for you and so um making the plan is where it starts and then when you’re discontented with the plan and you feel that discontentment a question why am I doing this why is this so important to me yeah and and then answering that because that’s going to give you the thought that’s meaningful for you right okay that’s a that’s a good start all right guys thank you everybody for showing up and being here and for your great questions and interaction Cheryl thank you so so much for coming on it’s so nice when people will come and Coach so if youall have any questions I put some information in the chat box my email address the 14-day guide is in there if you don’t already have it and then if you want to do a reverse your diabetes assessment call to kind of figure out where you’re at at that point we can also talk about the group if you’re interested in hearing more information about that you can um sign up for that through that link that cenly link so I don’t see it in the chat box oh it may it’s up little ways I see my 14-day um takes me a minute to get up there hold on woo now I’ve blown it up big um it should be up way higher than the 14-day guide um there it went maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot it’s okay I’m going to try to I don’t want to delete it um I’m going to put it in there again here real quick poppy V oh that’s not right oh my goodness did I put the wrong no no certainly technology is not winning today but some days it does oh well it’s not going in for some reason um if you need to set up that uh reverse your diabetes assessment call go ahead and reach out to me and we’ll get it set up okay okay great thanks all right guys have a great day we’ll talk soon byebye bye-bye