EP238: Good vs Bad Carbs to Fix Type 2 Diabetes

I frequently get asked about good vs bad carbs when women are trying to determine how to eat to fix their type 2 diabetes.
Although I am not in love with the “good” and “bad” terms, there is definitely a strategy to determine what carbohydrate-rich foods will improve your health and which ones will make you sicker.
This podcast episode dives into how to determine what carbs work for your health and which ones do not! I also offer a few poignant questions for you to ask about your foods before you consume them. Check it out, try them out, and see how it goes!

Two references in this podcast:
1) DMD Episode #166: https://delanemd.com/episode-166-your-microbiome-and-type-2-diabetes/
2) Ultraprocessed People by Chris van Tulleken, MD

EP237: Managing Food Desires to Fix Type 2 Diabetes

This episode discusses food cravings. Understanding and managing food cravings is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to blame the presence of tempting foods for our desires, but the truth lies in our thoughts. When faced with irresistible treats like donuts or candy, it’s not the food itself that creates longing—it’s the thoughts we have about them. By recognizing this, we can shift our mindset and develop strategies to combat cravings. Rather than fighting against our natural inclinations, we can nurture alternative beliefs that prioritize our well-being. This might involve reminding ourselves of the negative consequences of indulging, such as feeling sick or creating health issues. Additionally, practicing mindful eating, staying hydrated, and consuming balanced meals rich in protein and healthy fats can help regulate cravings. Ultimately, by understanding the psychology behind food desire and implementing practical strategies, we can empower ourselves to make healthier choices and improve our overall well-being. Try this out!

EP:236 What to Eat to Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes

Explore a journey to better health by making smart food choices! Discover how our bodies use insulin and why too much can be tricky. Embark on the path to healing by steering clear of processed foods that concentrate carbohydrates and elevate insulin levels. Learn about foods that might not be our friends and how reading labels can help. Avoiding tricky ingredients in processed foods can make us feel better. Find out about a special online class on February 10th to learn more about reading food labels. Check my website for details! You can make tasty choices for a healthy you!

Ep235: Lifestyle Medicine with Nicole Solomos, DO

This episode is an information-packed discussion with Dr. Nicole Solomos, a Sports Medicine physician who specializes in Lifestyle Medicine. We discuss gut health, exercise in women and how recommendations change as we age, as well as the origin of sugar in the human diet. So much is included in this episode! Check it out and let me know what you think!

EP234: Emotional Eating

Welcome to the podcast where we dive into the intricacies of emotional eating. As we navigate the new year resolution cycle, we encounter “ass grabs” – the small lapses that precede major quits. The emotional triggers behind abandoning resolutions are explored, shedding light on the intricate workings of our brains. Emotions, thoughts, and actions are dissected in the thought model, revealing the intense feelings our brains send to our bodies. Applying this to emotional eating, this episode unveils the habit loops leading to reliance on food for comfort. The key to breaking the cycle: make a plan. Tune in for details and insights on healthier choices that lead to longevity.

EP233: Waning Motivation

This episode explores the nature of motivation, delving into the reasons behind its fluctuations. I review the causes and source of motivation, particularly how it can be intense when implementing new health regimens. This discussion uses your personal commitment to improving your blood sugars as an example, revisiting the ease of keeping our commitment to ourselves when it is fueled by enthusiasm and excitement. However, inevitably this motivation fades. A mindset shift becomes necessary. The solution to waning motivation lies in making decisions ahead of time, committing to the plan, and persevering even when you don’t feel like it, not relying on serendipitous feelings like excitement, enthusiasm, and motivation but instead being proactive with a plan. Try it out! Tell me how it goes!

EP232: The Basics of Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

This episode breaks down the basics of reversing type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance arises when cells no longer respond to insulin normally. Overexposure to insulin is caused by refined carbs. Disrupted insulin signaling occurs with industrial oils like seed, corn, and canola oils. Processed foods, combining these elements, conflict with our biology. Essential actions that fix type 2 diabetes include reading labels for carb counts, and fat sourcing. Limiting daily carb intake, avoiding harmful fats for 10-14 days, and utilizing a glucometer to monitor your sugars. Key to your health is prioritizing consistent commitment in order to positively impact blood sugar. Controlling cravings and reassessing perceived healthy foods are vital for enhancing A1c levels, promoting overall vitality, and longevity in women. This episode explains all these strategies.

EP231: Welcome to 2024!

This episode explores the transformative impact of gratitude on health, citing studies linking it to increased happiness and reduced doctor visits. I advocate for intentional rewiring of neural pathways through daily gratitude practices, with the suggestion to list only three meaningful things during your gratitude practice. I also share a personal journey of overcoming emotional eating by embracing gratitude. This episode challenges you to leave behind habits that you are done with in the new year, specifically unhealthy coping mechanisms. This episode concludes with my resolution to leave clutter and disorganization behind in 2023, emphasizing the power of intentional choices in order to reach your goals.

EP230: Coaching Call with Linda

Ever pondered the experience of coaching? Look no further! Dive into this coaching session featuring Judi, a listener. For many women unfamiliar with the concept, the idea of working with a coach to transform their relationship with food may be a mystery. Contrary to common assumptions that they need someone to physically restrict their eating, the reality is quite different. Explore this episode to gain insights into how the coaching process unfolds!

EP229: Enjoying Your Holiday

In this episode, I promote holiday planning as the key for a truly enjoyable season. Weaving personal experiences into this discussion, I delve into decision fatigue and the challenges of navigating the holidays without a plan. I encourage reframing planning as a liberating gift, versus feeling restricted and limited. Planning for the holidays helps you sidestep stress and disappointment. This episode offers practical strategies, and guides listeners towards intentional decision-making for maximum holiday delight. Using a parallel with the holiday magic we felt as children, I encourage a thoughtful, strategic approach, persuading you to craft individualized plans and thought strategies, to ensure a festive and stress-free season.