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Resolve Diabetes Naturally without Medications

Are you looking for a better, more naturally healthy life? Do you want to RESOLVE or reverse your diabetes without medication? Dr. Delane Vaughn uses her medical degree and life coaching techniques to help clients resolve diabetes permanently through natural methods.

Who is DelaneMD?

My name is Delane Vaughn, MD.  During my over 25 years of medical experience, I’ve helped patients resolve their diabetes without medication. I use my medical degree and coaching techniques to help clients change lifestyle habits and resolve diabetes naturally.

Can I resolve diabetes?

Diabetes is not an affliction or disease that’s outside of your control. It is your body’s natural response to poor lifestyle choices, such as diet. Medical research shows that with time and dedication, type 2 diabetes can be resolved without the use of medication.

Why did my doctor prescribe Insulin?

Most doctors promote managing type 2 diabetes with pills and injections. Medications are “the easy button” because help patient keep blood sugars within normal ranges.  The current healthcare system incentivizes doctors to see patients quickly and evaluates them based on imperfect standards. While most doctors would like their patients to make sustained lifestyle changes, this focus on productivity forces them to take the path of least resistance by prescribing medications.

How does DelaneMD work?

My program includes education and coaching. Much of the accepted information about diet and exercise is not completely accurate. Together we discuss medical research and recommendations about healthy living, and identify the lifestyle changes you need to make to resolve your diabetes. I provide tools and techniques to help you change longstanding habits and attitudes.

As your coach, we can have frequent interactions through coaching sessions, e-mail, video and online platforms. Programs can be in-person or virtual, so they are available to everyone regardless of geographic location. During our coaching sessions we dig into your habits, situations and thoughts to gain understanding and develop sustainable results.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Contact me to set-up a free consultation to see how it works.