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Resolve Diabetes Naturally without Medications

Do you imagine a future free from diabetes and your dependence on medications? Are you tired of injections, finger sticks and endless doctor visits? You can be free from the frustration and fear of being chronically and progressively sick. A more confident, healthier, and vibrant life with you in control of your health.

Empowering Clients

DelaneMD empowers clients through research-based programs that surpass standard medical therapies to reverse type 2 diabetes and prediabetes without medications or insulin shots. Weekly curriculum includes evidence-based strategies for living a naturally healthy life and normalizing blood sugars so you can stop diabetes medications. Coaching sessions help you apply cognitive behavioral therapies to ensure sustainable lifestyle change. Review of your blood sugar logs and food journals by a board-certified physician gives you valuable feedback and peace of mind. And the online community delivers support and information sharing.

Choose a Diabetes Free Future

Schedule a free virtual consult to start your journey towards a confident, naturally healthy life free from diabetes and medications.