Ep #27 The Ultimate Cause of Overweight and Obesity

When it comes to any problem, there are proximate and ultimate causes. The proximate cause is the event most obviously or immediately responsible for an outcome. In contrast, the ultimate cause is the higher-level cause and often the “real” reason the problem occurred. When it comes to the problem of losing weight, we often focus on proximate causes because it’s easier or more obvious. The proximate cause of being overweight or obese is overeating. The ultimate cause, however, is the underlying thoughts that drive us to want and desire foods that don’t serve our body. During this podcast, I discuss the concept of proximate versus ultimate cause and how coaching can help dig into the underlying thoughts that drive weight gain.

Ep #23 Overcoming Obstacles: Weight Loss Journey

Like a road trip, the weight loss journey may be fraught with distractions, obstacles and roadblocks. Some obstacles, such as summer barbecues and work lunches, can be anticipated and strategies developed in advance. Other obstacles may be unforeseen and more difficult to overcome. In either case, getting back on track when obstacles occur is often the difference between reaching your destination and getting stuck along the way. During this podcast, I use the road trip analogy to demonstrate how weight loss is a journey and, like a journey, you can’t let expected or unexpected obstacles prevent you from reaching your destination.