The DelaneMD Process is different than being under the supervision of your doctor. We are not “fixing your blood sugars”. 

Find out what the DelaneMD Process is and how it will empower you to reverse your type 2 diabetes naturally. 


I’m GNA start the recording so you guys may I don’t know notifies you on the webinar so I have a new computer so
computer things are working funny for me but I’m glad everybody has found their way here it seems oh see here we go that
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reason the YouTube channel starts playing in my speakers so I’ve muted that so welcome to the last webinar for the
national diabetes month um kind of the recognition of that I kept calling it a celebration I think it’s something to
celebrate to like learn about it but um people were like very bothered by the whole idea of celebrating National diabetes month so I think celebrating um
I think celebrating the ability to reverse it and to learn about it and like to get it figured out I think
that’s totally reasonable but uh I guess I started calling it recognition because that made people more comfortable so um
I’m glad everybody found their way here I’m glad that my new technology is not winning and um beating me that life as
you may be aware use the question and answer box the Q&A box for any questions
that we talk about today we’re going to kind of talk about the Delan and deep process we’re going to talk about a
number of share some client stories and those sorts of things we’re going to
talk about what it looks like to work in the program um but just kind of the process that it that it takes to fix
your type two diabetes I am going to share my screen there will be time for questions at the end and if anybody
needs any coaching please raise your hand I’m totally it’s one of my favorite things to do so I’m into that um I’m G
to share my screen and my slides so that uh folks um if you have any questions or
that you can see some of this information so let’s see if can advance if you
remember from previous um webinars I
discussed that you know that insulin resistance is really the root cause of this that is the thing that I do with my
clients that is different when we talk about what to do what the delum D process does what I offer to people that
is different from the meds that you get from your doctor from other things that you have
done the big difference that I do with my clients is that we are not fixing your blood sugars we fix your insulin we
fix the insulin resistance your blood sugars certainly follow like that’s fine your blood sugars will be fixed but
recognize what we do is not focusing on the blood sugars we really focus on what creates insulin elevation and um release
surges in your body what makes that happen and we fix that part and from there your
cells start functioning normally and you become healthy your blood sugars
normalize so if you’re interested in that previous information please go to the delay MD YouTube channel that
channel has all of the uh webinars I know that one of them hadn’t been put up the last time that we had a uh webinar
but I at least made the attempt to put them up I believe it is up I didn’t check right before I call I got on this
call but that should be up so um check out the uh delom D YouTube
channel because that should have that information on it we talked about you
know awareness this month we’ve talked about like how do we gain awareness of
our disease so that we can start to make changes right like how do we gain
awareness we talked about all that we talked about the education about what creates in and resistance we talked
about prevention of type 2 diabetes we talked about how to fix it including not just our food that is important but also
how to sleep and exercise and Stress Management practice we’ve discussed how our brain ere exaggerates the importance
of that food that makes us sick and that OV exaggeration leads us to overeating it all of that is in those previous
webinars check them out on the YouTube channel and they’re there for you as much as you need it so if you need to watch it once a week for the next six
weeks awesome run with that um today we’re going to talk about the strategy we’re going to talk about how my program
helps women reach their health goals we’re going to talk about some success stories and then there will be time for
some questions so the strategy the basic
strategy that I help women develop and that I help women learn is that we make
a plan and we follow the plan we watch blood sugars go down and we make adjustments and then we repeat right the
adjustments are making a new plan that’s usually what the adjustments look like we repeat the following and then the
watching of the blood sugars watching the results that we’re looking for right because the blood sugars are a surrogate
marker of that normalization of your insulin level okay so we watch that result and then we make more adjustments
if we need to what I do with women in the coaching program is that we do what’s called a commitment
blueprint you know the coaching helps you make this plan I give you feedback
on the biggest bank for your book right so I had a client once tell me that she was going to
um her her commitment for the week was to drink more water that was her big
commitment for the week so here’s the deal it’s not that drinking more water is not a great commitment right like
that’s fine and yes you need water but the realization that there’s no amount
of water that was going to you know fix like how many uh how many carbs you were
eating in a day so that was the part that we kind of had to work on so um I’m
trying to find the question and answer box in case anybody has any questions and for whatever reason it’s not letting
me um so recognize like that’s what I talk about when I’m talking about coaching and getting the most bang for
your buck I am going to help you like determine like if the thing that you are
doing does that make science does that make sense scientifically for you to do that thing um in order to see the
results that you want so that’s part of what I do with my clients and the coaching but the other part of what we
do is then just trying things out if you tell me you’re going to cut your carbs to 80 grams a day and you were eating
150 a day and you were getting a fasting blood sugar 130 like I’m like yeah that makes sense that makes a lot more sense
than I’m going to start drinking 12 ounces of water every hour for the next week right so that’s part of the
coaching you make a commitment I tell you the science of it you decide whether that’s commitment you want to make and
then you make the plan you follow the plan you watch your sugars and we make adjustments that’s the basic strategy we
use a number of different um guides a diff a number of different
tools to get you there okay when women come to me work and wanting to work with me they have years
of making attempts at this they have stories that they can’t seem to be consistent and they’ll say things like I
can’t seem to stop sabotaging myself or they’ll say things like I know what to do I just can’t seem to do it long term
or they’ll say things like I’ve had success in the past but I can’t make it last those things they can’t seem to
keep it consistent they can’t seem to keep it long term they’ll say things
like I’m not sure if it’s possible to fix my type two diabetes these are all things that I have like as I looked
through my current clients these are all things that they started with things St
that were in their head that they started with me hearing in their brain okay I’m not sure it’s possible to even
fix my type two diabetes some of my clients talk about being pissed that they have type two diabetes they’ll they
they don’t believe that they eat unhealthy they followed the guidelines they did what they were told was healthy
and now I have type two diabetes and now I need to stop eating that food and do something different and they’re angry
and it makes sense of course you’re angry they have beliefs like I don’t understand why I have this like I don’t
even know what I did wrong here I thought I was doing the right thing or I don’t the other thing is like I didn’t
think Starbucks Frappuccinos were that big of a deal right I don’t understand why this is
happening they’ll have beliefs like oh yeah I know I’ve kind of been writing the borderline for a while and I’ve been
borderline diabetic for a while I was hoping this whole thing would go away because I don’t understand I’ve been
pre-diabetic for a number of years it didn’t make sense to me I was hoping that it would just like not show up my
labs in next year and of course it still did right I don’t know what to eat
there’s so many times women come to me with this I don’t know what to eat there’s so much mixed information out
there I don’t know what to believe and it doesn’t seem like anything that I eat
seems to matter no matter what I do my blood sugars go up these are the things that women come to me with these are the
stories this is the confusion this is the frustration this is the worry this is
all of it that they come to me with and this is what my program is meant to help women
resolve so the delum D strategy the program consists of three parts there’s
coaching there’s curriculum and then there’s food log evaluation depending on
which one of your Strate like which one of your concerns like what are you in the I don’t know category are you in the
I keep self-sabotaging myself category are in the I’m pissed category depending
on where you’re at in that where your personal struggle is kind of depends on
which one of these parts or maybe all of them that you lean on so everybody knows that I’m not able
to see the Q&A so I will I will check it whenever we’re done
but I think I’m gonna have to close out of my screen share to check it again new technology right just got a new computer
I think that um I need to try to figure out how to work that but I have not figured that out so I will check the Q&A
box if for some reason you have to hop off this don’t hesitate to hop off of it you can always pick back up on the
YouTube channel this is being recorded you can pick up there if anybody is watching on the YouTube channel you can also post questions there and if you’re
picking up later on the YouTube channel you can post a comment there with any questions that come up when you watch this
later so the coaching in my program I meet with my clients privately for 30
minutes for the first 12 weeks of their program we meet together we get on a call during these 30 minute calls we
talk about old habits we talk about challenges like that we’re experiencing and we challenge the
reasons for these old habits so if you’re you know challenge that you’re experiencing or your obstacle is every
afternoon at 3 o’clock I want the chocolate I want the thing I feel so
horrible I felt nauseous yesterday and I wasn’t even like it wasn’t on my plan to eat chocolate it wasn’t on my plan to
have a little more pumpkin pie in the freak room but I ate it we challenge the
reasons that we did that like the reason that your your brain has told you that
somehow pumpkin pie treats nausea and is that true does pumpkin pie
treat nausea as a physician I’m like no like pumpkin pie doesn’t treat nausea
sometimes zofran and meds treat nausea but pumpkin pie does not treat nausea right like so we challenge it same thing
with headaches right right like I got a headache in the midafternoon and I just needed some candy candy doesn’t treat
headaches Tylenol treats headaches but candy doesn’t treat headaches these are
the habits these are the reasons behind the habits that we have and they need to be challenged and that’s what we do in
coaching so part of those 30 minute coaching calls early on are that we’re challenging some of those old habits
we’re trying to reprogram some of those old habits and develop new habits okay
also we develop that blueprint uh that commitment blueprint we talked talk about um what you’re going to do for the
week like what is the thing that you’re going to do for the week that’s going to give you the big results what little changes are we going to make this week
in addition to what we did last week so that we can really get this big result of lowering our blood sugars and normalizing our
FC we learn to do things the things that we say we will right part of that blueprint that commitment blueprint and
the reason that it’s called the commitment blueprint partly it’s a commitment and it’s laid out as a blueprint would be and we look at the
obstacles that you’re going to run into that’s all part of developing that commitment blueprint but also the more
you get good at doing the things you say you’re going to do for yourself the better you improve your relationship with yourself and with food and the more
you like the better you get it not self-sabotaging the more you break that habit these are the things that you do
in coaching in addition to the private meetings there’s also um we have the
first the 12 weeks the first 12 weeks you have 30 minute meetings but in addition to that there’s also 60-minute
group meetings every week there’s two of them every week everything can happen in
these group meetings sometimes it’s education like this Friday we’re going to be talking about why fasting blood sugars are the always the most elevated
so we’re going to talk about that and then we’ll jump into coaching anybody needs we coach on the heavy feelings
right we coach on the um the disappointment that we may feel on ourselves and decide intentionally like
okay I want to feel disappointed sometimes but I don’t want to wallow in it so much that I’m debilitated by it
I’m no longer going to be the kind of person that beats myself up with this right so there is the coaching component
coaching through the feelings coaching through the heaviness that comes up with this work there’s learning to work
through desires and urges and Cravings this is the work that allows
you to stop self-sabotaging to stop the emotional eating to stop those kinds of
behaviors in addition to the coaching and if again if you’re coming with like I don’t know
how to be consistent or I’ve struggled with consistency that’s a coaching issue we’re going to work through that in coaching if you’re coming to this work
and you’re like I don’t know what to eat this is a this is where the online portal which is another part of the
program so for the um when you sign into the program you get access to a online
portal and there are 12 initial modules like foundational modules that those first 12 weeks of
coaching okay and they teach you all the science behind type two diabetes they teach you all the science behind the
strategies that I teach to reverse it everything from cleaning up your diet and intermittent fasting and nutritional
ketosis they teach you the science behind why Exercise Works they teach you the science behind why you got to sleep
and why you got to manage your stress all of those things are included in those first 12 modules in addition to
that it teaches we one of the initial modules is talking about the thought model and how the
brain has how it works as this you know prediction machine and we see things in
the world and our brain has thoughts about it and those thoughts are predictions about what’s going to happen with those things I saw pumpkin pie in
the break room my brain is like oh I love pumpkin pie I always struggle not to eat the pumpkin pie it feels so hard
oh my gosh I’m gonna have to fight that all day right that’s a prediction that your brain just made and how it tells
your body that it that prediction is it makes you feel horrible it feels like hard it feels heavy it feels worrisome
it feels anxious depending on who you are depends on which of those feelings really resonate for you when you’re
feeling worried when you’re feeling anxious when it feels hard you end up exhausted and you ate the pie because
your brain is going to produce evidence for what it already believes for that prediction it likes to be right and it’s
going to produce evidence for it that is the thought model so the thought model is one of the first things that’s taught
in the program because we’re going to use it a lot because that’s how we reprogram your brain that’s how we start
to improve the relationship that you have with yourself so that you can start relying on yourself to do the things
that you say and that’s how we improve and change the relationship that we have with food also so the online portal
teaches all of these things and you always have access to that there are 12 foundational modules and then there are
also what 15 bonus modules okay this
frequently is teaching women the things that they’ve been missing about food about themselves like the information
that hasn’t been able to click together in the past when you’ve tried other things the this information that we get
in that module and the and the portal is what um helps C that together
so in addition to the online portal there is a food data log okay so this is
the place where everything that you eat becomes very very clear you learn what foods keep your blood sugars in range
normal where you want them and you learn what foods shoot your blood sugars High you finally learn what to eat so if you
are one of those that come to me and you’re like everything I eat makes my blood sugar go high I don’t even understand I don’t know what to do or if
you’re like there’s so much information out there do I do low fat do I do low do I do high protein what do I do I don’t
even know this is where you’re going to figure that out and then you finally get
clear on what you need to be eating but in addition to that this is the biggest
gift of keeping a food log I know lots of women feel like all of this is very restrictive like keeping a food log is
so restrictive or keeping a food plan like right I restrict myself to only eating that thing on the plan or keeping
a food log is so time intensive it makes it so hard what I want to offer to you
is both of those two things are gifts when you make a plan for your food which
again like if you pre-fill out your log you’re making a plan right so if you
make a plan for the food that you are going to eat then you no longer have to
decide thousands of times throughout the day what you’re going to eat oh I want to have that pizza that’s in the break
room but I know that’s going to make my blood sugar high oh I maybe a burger maybe if I had a burger without a bun
maybe if I had this this constant back and forth of making decisions about what
you’re going to eat is what leads to decision fatigue okay your brain’s like oh I want to be free to decide what I
want brains like ours brains that have eaten these Foods so much that it makes
us sick cannot be free to decide these things because they decide bad things
things that make us sick with type two diabetes okay so having a plan is a gift
it’s a gift so you don’t have to go back and forth on these decisions and feel exhausted and make bad decisions at the
end of that it’s a gift because you already know what you’re going to eat you don’t have to spend any more energy
thinking about that okay also keeping this log is a manual of what works for
your body so say this happens all the time for my clients they get four or
five months in and then the cruise that they had planned is you know scheduled they get four or five months in and they’re like oh my gosh my numbers are
great My fasting is 87 every morning my after meals are like never higher than
120 I know exactly what to do this is zeroed in they’re like I’ve got a laser focus I’ve got it done and then they go
on their cruise and they have all the things you know cruises are just like feeding DRS on a boat for anybody to eat
whatever they want right they go on the cruise and I want them I’m always like go and enjoy it like enjoy it figure out
what really is Joy because I think everybody probably experiences or recognizes that eating unlimitedly until
you feel ill is not necessarily Joy or enjoyment food but figuring out how do I
really want to enjoy intentionally enjoy food not mindlessly eat until I feel
sick so that is something but of course part of that means that like oh my blood sugars go high like Thanksgiving just
passed right my blood sugars definitely went high on Thanksgiving they haven’t gone high in the mornings like the
mornings have still been pretty normal for me but it was one single day if you have five days of a cruise where you’re
having these Excursion eats you may see your blood sugars go high and so a lot of times we want to freak out right what
this sounds like so if you not if you’re like I don’t know that I freak out about that so if you ever have a story in your
brain like oh my God here we go again I did so well and now I can’t stay on plan
now I can’t seem to be consistent I know what to do but I never can seem to make it last if that story is ever rattled
around in your brain this is what this I’m talking to you my clients will come back from their
Cruise their five-day cruise and they’re suddenly like oh my gosh I’m falling fall off the wagon they feel so unsure
so unsteady there’s confusion there’s worry there’s anxiety there’s all this
unpleasantry if you’ve kept four months of a food log you literally have four
months of what you need to eat to fix what happened in those five days this is
the gift of the food log and the data log and why it is such a powerful thing to use so um that is there’s so much
information there’s so much that comes from your food data logs these are things that women send me every day they
send any questions that they have and I send responses I email them back responses to those questions sometimes
I’ll email them as they send a log and they don’t have questions and I’ll be like oh I want to make sure you understand the science behind this food
that you ate so you get to make a really informed decision about what you’re eating and do you want to eat that or
not so before we dive in I am going to stop my share um um because I want to
make sure I think I’m going to stop my share maybe I’m not um I want to make sure that nobody has any
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over there but I can’t get my mouse over there on the other uh screen so fingers
crossed we’re going to see how this goes guys I am so sorry all right so we’re gonna talk about some of my clients and
their success stories okay these are um
comments some of them I have the labs and the data for and some of them I just have um their stories so uh bear with me
on that but there’s a number of different clients my clients always get the results that they are want right I
meaning I don’t set their results I don’t say you need to come and work with me and we’re going to lower your A1c to
five I don’t say that some women come and work with me and they just want to avoid being on insulin they don’t care
if they’re on all the metformin and jardian or um Guardians they don’t care if they’re
on all the oral meds under the they don’t want to be on on shots and they come work to me work with me to avoid
that so you get to always make your goals but these are some of the results
that my clients have typically got so Carol worked with me she what she said was I can’t believe after 20 years of
doctors offering me nothing but medications that with your coaching I’ve been able to achieve almost a full
recovery in five months keep in mind that during that time I was cycling when
she was in the 20 years I was cycling three to four times a week swimming walking and other activities and still
could not lose weight thank you so her A1C went from 6 to 5
and her fasting blood sugars then of course to match that they went from 1:14 in the mornings to 94 consistently and
she’s maintained that for quite some time so um again you get to make your
own goals about what you want to create I don’t have pictures with all of these
I have pictures with one at the end and it’s very very Stark so um stay tuned for that so another client of mine
Charlotte and her and I have worked together for over two years now but in the first year the these are the results
that she got and then her comments to me I’m very happy with both my weight loss and the normalizing of my blood sugar
what has brought me the greatest happiness though has been the insights gained concerning choices that I make I
know that I now have the knowledge the skills and the understanding necessary for healthy present and future I’m still
learning thanks to the delay empd program and her fastings went from being like her A1C was in the diabetic range
of like 65 to 69 consistently and she’s maintained fasting blood sugars in the
85 to 105 range for the last two years um recognize some of these women I
have worked with long term when you come into the program you have the first 12 weeks of private meetings but then you
have access to the group program as long as you need it to the group meetings as long as you need it and lots of women will come in and out and so some of them
I have worked with for years because they float in and out of those groups group meetings so Sylvie is a recently retired
University professor she has three grandchildren who live with her and she’s struggled with the type two diabetes for years and she struggled
with her weight for decades she actually would talk to you I mean she would tell you about um being on Weight Watchers
and having multiple cycles of weight loss with these various commercial programs that she just could not seem to
make them stick and so she would see these improvements and then quickly
Resort back to Old Behavior and of course this eroded her relationship with herself her trust her
ability to achieve and maintain these results it just really broke that down so in her first four months in my
program her A1C went from a 5’9 to a 54 and she lost 42 pounds of weight loss
now hold the phone losing 42 pounds in like three or four months is not necessarily fabulous she didn’t have
cancer it wasn’t great what happened was she had lost 20 PBS but she lost an additional 22 PBS in her first four
months working in the the program so these are the results that the clients that I work with consistently
get um Faith was a 22-year-old when she started working with me um I love this
this particular client um she had been diagnosed when she was very
very young she had been diagnosed at 15 years old with type two diabetes and of course she was told the typical story
it’s genetic it runs into your family it’s Progressive disorder they had prescribed her multiple medications over
the years that she didn’t like the way it made her feel she was young she had a hard time remembering to take them all
of these things so she would try to navigate her social life and this diagnosis and really really struggled
with that she was getting up in the middle of the night she was having these snacks when she suspected this and even
though she knew that this eating in the middle of the night was likely creating her disease so her A1C in the first four
months dropped a 5.4 and her weight she didn’t have a lot of weight to lose so recognize like lots of women start with
me and they’re like oh I don’t have weight to lose and I’m like yeah that’s fine you don’t have to lose weight to do
this work you can normalize your diabetes without losing rate remember the main the biggest um growing
population of people of humans of Americans with type two diabetes that we are seeing are actually what they call
tofi and I don’t love this term but it is what’s in the literature thin on the outside to thin on the outside fat on
the inside fi and what that really means is despite your weight you have metabolic disease that is what that
comes down to you don’t have to be overweight to have metabolic
disease um Linda’s story I love and this is the one that I have pictures with I
love I I’ve enjoyed working with her and she has told me on multiple occasions
this is the best thing that I have ever done for myself and to be a part of that to be privileged to be in that Journey
with with anybody is just a gift for me I’ve really truly enjoyed working with her her fasting blood sugars have
dropped from the 115 to the 9500 area she still wants to drop her fasting blood sugars lower her A1C though has
dropped to 5.4 and she’s dropped over 40 pounds and the pictures I don’t know I
think the pictures that she has are striking these are the pictures right before that was the picture on the left
was right before she started working with me and the picture on the right she sent to me about six weeks ago so um
she’s very thrilled and happy and happy with her results but clearly um this
work can be very very impactful right and these are just a handful of women that I’ve worked with over the years
who’ve had some wonderful results I will offer um whenever you sign with me I
guarantee your investment I I will refund your money if you work with me
for six months you send me food blogs and you show up for coaching once a week and you don’t get the results that
you’re looking for or start on that path you not seeing Improvement if you’re not getting better and know kind of a clear
plan for how to go forward I will refund your money and I’ve never had to do that because if you show up for yourself even
if you don’t have the answers even if you feel defeated even if you like it’s not working even if you feel like you’re
failing and you show up for coaching we will work through that and keep you moving forward and I think that that is
really the power of what I offer when I help women through this process these
stories can definitely be yours too um if you have the story I’ve tried so many
times and if this is something you really truly want I want to offer you
like if you if your brain’s like I’ve tried this so many times and I just can’t make it work I want want you to
realize you will continue to try it until you figure it out there is something with inside of you that like
is driving you to that and you’re going to have to acknowledge that and I think sometimes just giving yourself the help
that you need to get there is a gift okay women will come to me they will
tell me that their life is too busy to get this and I I understand that like can be busy so one of two things are
going on it may be that just fixing your type two diabetes is not a priority right now and that’s totally fine we are
graced and lucky enough to live in a world of science to where you can depend
on meds if you can’t invest this efft you can’t invest the energy if you can’t
invest the time if that is not your priority right now great we have meds
call your doctor get the best meds out there for you we have that opportunity but if you’re not okay with
that or if you are okay with that definitely stop making yourself feel shitty about that stop talking meanly to
yourself if that’s what you’re doing okay stop doing that if you’re not interested or you don’t
have the energy right now to pour yourself into fixing this but if it is
what you want to do if like when I offer you that as an option if your brain is like whoa pump the brakes Hot Shot we
are not just giving up if your brain is telling you you too busy and your brain’s telling you hell
no we’re not giving up you need a coach that is what coaching is for there is no
food plan that’s going to fix that that is what Co coaching is important for if
your brain tells you it’s too complicated I’ve repeatedly heard this from my clients when they fix it my
clients on the other side who have fixed it repeatedly tell me it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be
it went so much faster and it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be that is something I consistently
hear from the women I work with if your brain offers you like oh my kids my
spouse my mom my sister my friend my neighbor my neighbor’s dog whoever it is like won’t eat this way I just don’t
think I can do it a lot of times this is a spouse and kids like those those won’t do this they won’t eat this way so I
can’t change because they won’t eat this way I want to offer to you a couple of
things no one else in your life needs to change a thing in order for you to change this part of you you probably
have a story that sounds like but it would be easier if they would do it if you wait for them to do it if you wait
for it to be easier you will never do this work and if it’s important to you
to fix this part of your life you’re going to have to not wait for those
things or you’re never going to get there right I always remind people the
people in your life don’t need to change in order for you to fix this another
very related obstacle that I hear from women is I don’t know that my husband’s going
to let me do this and what I want to offer to you is yeah if you expect your husband to make these same food changes
that you’re going to make in order for you to do this he’s going to be like hell no you’re not doing that I don’t want to let go that
food right your husband may be resistant to you starting this work because he’s
not ready to do that and that’s why you cannot wait on others in your life to
start changing in order for you to make those changes you need to do this for you you need to do this because of you
and you need to do it on your own you cannot lean on them because then your success is always tied to somebody
else’s success and that is a powerless position to be in because we can’t control others okay we believe that it’s
helpful we believe that it’s like offering us an edge it is not it offers
us a crutch and when the crutch breaks then we can’t do the work that we want to do we can’t do the thing that’s
important to us we cannot become the version of ourselves that we want to become and then lastly a lot of women
will tell me that they can’t afford this work that is one thing that I hear a lot
and what I have realized I get it that there are sometimes that the money is not available and that’s totally fine which is why I do a million free
opportunities for people out there so they can learn how to do this and they can have all the resources that they
need okay you just need to stop putting food that makes you sick in your mouth and that is something that you can learn
to do can my program help you do it faster can my program make it more clear
and straightforward yes my program will help you with all of those things but it is entirely possible for you to stop
putting Twinkies in your mouth with or without me okay but what when women say
to me that they can’t afford this work it’s almost always because they do not
believe in their ability to do it and it’s easier to say I don’t want to trade this money for
something I don’t think I can do than it is to say I don’t think I can do that
okay so if that is something that comes up I would definitely encourage you to
question it like can I not afford it or am I not willing to make the trade because I don’t believe in myself okay I
can teach you how to be in control of your health for a lifetime I can teach you how to have a relationship with food
that’s based on trust and empowerment and shity I can teach you how to be free
from foods like you can learn how to be free from foods that make you sick that
create disease in your body that’s priceless that buys you years of your
life that exchange of money and you know that you’re going to spend this money
some way one way or another and I don’t mean like you’re going to spend it on shoes I mean if you’re sick with type two diabetes you’re going to spend it in
doctor’s appointments you’re going to spend it in medications you’re going to spend it in lab draws you’re going to spend it in procedures you’re going to
spend it in Lost hour or years of work you’re going to spend this money anyway you get to decide if you want to
spend this money on strategies that keep you in the Health Care system or the disease care system that keep you sick
if you want to spend your money on the meds on the doctor’s appointments on the labs on the procedures do you want to
spend your money there or do you want to spend your money on things that actually create health and give you control of
your health give you empowerment over the food that you eat create trust in you and buyue years of your life when
women tell me that they can’t afford it nine times out of 10 is because they have eroded their relationship with food
so much that they don’t believe in themselves they don’t believe that they can do it
and for these women they are the ones that benefit the most from having a
coach okay so give yourself that gift give yourself that um that help that you
need again can you do it on your own absolutely you don’t need me say stop eating Twinkies like I’m not GNA stop
eating Twinkies for you you’re gonna have to stop doing that I will help you do it quicker I will help you
reformulate habits and patterns in your brain and maybe it will help happen quicker and maybe it will be more clear
but I’m not going to stop eating the Twinkies for you you’re going to have to do that I just help you okay if you want
that help if you want that Clarity if you want it to happen fast I’m the girl for you okay so now we’ve got to do the
hard thing of figuring out how to get the uh I’m afraid that I’m gonna have to
sign in with my old computer to get the question and answers up let me see if I can get onto the um internet and make
sure that there’s not any questions in the
um okay I don’t see any questions in the chat
on the um I think this is crazy it will not let me go over to that other screen
so I can’t stop sharing because the um the stop sharing is over on that
other screen that’s so interesting I am sorry guys I uh I was
all excited because I was going to have more processing power in the new computer doing the old one I was like oh
yeah this is the way to go I’m gonna try to sign into the old computer and see if
it will let me recording in progress oh
that’s well this is
interesting okay so I’ve muted
myself maybe I’m muted everywhere now this is hilarious you guys I’m so sorry okay let me see if I can get into the
Q&A here H all right right okay if you have
questions put them in the question and answer I can see questions now
um I don’t want to sign out entirely do you know what happened it
stopped sharing now on the other computer you know sometimes guys
computers just whenn I’m going to stop my video here and then I’m going to go back to
this one I’m not sure which one you guys are seeing I apologize um there are two of me right now that’s so
overwhelming all right if anybody has any questions that you want to ask me
and maybe you don’t want to answer it here on the um on the webinar do not hesitate to
send me an email y all know this you can send me an email delay Delan many of you have sent me emails and you know
I respond to them so please send me an email Zain I’m happy to answer any questions if you are interested in
working in the group the first step is to set set up a reverse your diabetes assessment call I make sure that you’re
appropriate for the group right if you’re on although even women who have been on a 100 units of insulin I
definitely can help them but sometimes people call me and certainly sometimes gentlemen call me and they want to work
together and they um there’s a different way for me to work with some people
that’s probably more appropriate for some people so if that’s something you’re interested in if you’re wanting to work together hit
me up for a reverse your diabetes assessment call you can get those scheduled at
www. cenly that’s c a n d Delan
MD you can find my scheduling link there you get access to my schedule sometimes you have to schedule out pretty far in
advance and that’s not real that’s just what’s available on the county link send me an email if you don’t want to wait
that long and lots of you have done that so all right all right um we’re 45
minutes in if anybody has any questions you’re again more than welcome to put them in the Q&A and if
not I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season I hope this month has been helpful and you’ve gotten lots of
information and we will you know work through the rest of the year like there
will be things in December there will be webinars in December so stay tuned for those um but set up your reverse your
diabetes assessment call so you can get some clarity about where you need to make changes and then again if you’re
ready to work in the group that is something that’s available okay all right guys have a great day I will talk
with y’all later bye bye