EP231: Welcome to 2024!

This episode explores the transformative impact of gratitude on health, citing studies linking it to increased happiness and reduced doctor visits. I advocate for intentional rewiring of neural pathways through daily gratitude practices, with the suggestion to list only three meaningful things during your gratitude practice. I also share a personal journey of overcoming emotional eating by embracing gratitude. This episode challenges you to leave behind habits that you are done with in the new year, specifically unhealthy coping mechanisms. This episode concludes with my resolution to leave clutter and disorganization behind in 2023, emphasizing the power of intentional choices in order to reach your goals.
Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD
EP231: Welcome to 2024!

Disclaimer: If you have been medicated for your type 2 diabetes, BE CAREFUL!  Remember, you have been medicated because of the way you have eaten in the past.  If you change the way you are eating, your medications will have to change also.  Watch your sugars closely, call your medical provided, review your sugars with them.  They will adjust your medications as needed.