Clean Up Your Diet to End Food Cravings!   

Women struggle to fix their type 2 diabetes. 

Cravings are at the heart of this.

Have you ever thought, “if I just did not WANT the chocolate, I could finally fix this”?

If not chocolate, chips, bread, or maybe pizza?

This 60-minute webinar will discuss the importance of cleaning up your diet to reduce cravings.  Cleaning up your diet is one of the primary strategies I teach women for reversing their type 2 diabetes.  In addition to reversing insulin resistance and improving your blood sugars, cleaning up your diet will REDUCE YOUR CRAVINGS!

Cleaning up your diet is the approach of removing processed foods from your diet.  “What is a processed food?” you might ask.  Processed foods are when food manufacturers take a natural food and change it.  This change concentrates the carbohydrate component of the natural food.  This concentrated carbohydrate leads to exaggerated insulin production by the pancreas.  The increased insulin production contributes to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.  

In addition to the role that processed foods play in insulin resistance, processed foods also have a variety of chemicals added that increase cravings and desire for the foods.  Food manufacturers are serving their bottom line–to sell food and make money.  A seemingly innocent motive. However, those foods are designed to make you want them all the time, in order to serve the food companies’ bottom line. And these foods are making us sick with diabetes. 

If you want to make your life easier…  

If you want to make eating healthy less “hard…” 

If you want to stop fighting the desire for the candy…


This webinar will teach you the science behind these foods, the reason your specific brain is drawn to them, and strategies to make the break-up easier.