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If you desire freedom from diabetes without medications, DelaneMD is your solution.

Medical research supports type 2 diabetes can be resolved through lifestyle modification. It just takes the right tools, strategies, support, and mindset.

You can achieve your dream of a healthy, diabetes-free future.

Enjoy better health right now.

Be confident you will  flourish.

by living naturally healthy

Take back your:

  • longevity
  • vitality
  • vigor
  • gumption


Delane Vaughn, MD

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

University of Kansas

Certified Life & Weight Coach

The Life Coach School

Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor

American Board of Family Medicine

I am a board-certified family medicine doctor with over 25-years of experience in health care.

As a doctor in practice, I struggled to understand why clients who were successful in other areas of their lives could not make healthy lifestyle choices successfully. Like clients, I was educated and self-disciplined but was struggling to manage my own health.

I believe the prevention of chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, is fundamental to having a good quality of life. This conviction has caused me to seek out new methods and techniques to encourage women to make healthy lifestyle choices.

I knew there had to be a different and better way.

My journey to gain control over my own health led me to life coaching and medical research. I hired my own life coach who helped me slowly and steadily make dietary changes by addressing my thoughts, emotions and pattern of behaviors that had emerged over many years.

I uncovered medical research that contradicted the conventional wisdom promoted in the dietary guidelines. I reversed my insulin resistance, lost weight, and changed my relationship with food. 

The DelaneMD Program helps women do the same thing, taking back their longevity, vitality, vigor, and gumption. 

I’m finally fulfilling my purpose, helping women achieve a

better quality of life.

Choose a healthful future.

You get to be in control of your health. 

Do you want a truly healthy future, free from medications, injections, and finger sticks? 

Being healthy is not just managing your disease with meds.

Claim your life

free from diabetes.

Core Values

I believe in


Review of your blood sugar logs and food journals by a board-certified physician gives you valuable feedback and peace of mind.

The online community delivers support and information sharing.


The DelaneMD Program provides coaching that addresses your thought processes and relationship with food so you can utilize your power to claim the life you want. 


Weekly curriculum includes evidence-based strategies for living a naturally healthy life and normalizing blood sugars so you can stop diabetes medications.


Coaching sessions help you apply cognitive behavioral therapies to ensure sustainable lifestyle change. 

“ My mission is to help women claim a life that fulfills them by living naturally.”
Delane Vaughn

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