EP242: Intermittent Fasting Hacks!

Fasting aids in lowering insulin levels, allowing cells to heal from insulin resistance, a condition where cells resist insulin's instructions. Normally, insulin signals cells to absorb glucose for energy, but in insulin resistance, this process falters, leading to high blood sugar levels and diabetes. Intermittent fasting tackles this issue by reducing insulin exposure, promoting insulin sensitivity. For effective fasting, it's crucial to avoid anything that significantly raises insulin levels, like food. While fasting poses challenges, strategies such as hydration, bone broth, adding fat, adequate sleep, and staying busy can ease the transition. Planning ahead, involving family in meal prep, and navigating eating out are also helpful tactics for success.
Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD
Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD
EP242: Intermittent Fasting Hacks!

Disclaimer: If you have been medicated for your type 2 diabetes, BE CAREFUL!  Remember, you have been medicated because of the way you have eaten in the past.  If you change the way you are eating, your medications will have to change also.  Watch your sugars closely, call your medical provided, review your sugars with them.  They will adjust your medications as needed. 



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The 14 Days to Better Blood Sugars Workbook is a step-by-step guide to improve your blood sugars.  It serves two purposes.  First to improve your blood sugars, but second to show you what kinds of foods match your biology.  The foods that you have eaten in the past, were such a mismatch to your biology that they have created disease in your body.  They made you sick. 


This guide gives you a clear picture of how to do this differently.  

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