Surviving and Thriving During the Holidays

Do you struggle during the holidays? You are not alone!

While I LOVE the holiday season, this time of year is busy, busy, BUSY! Shopping, wrapping gifts, school programs, holiday parties and family gatherings are fun, but can also be challenging. Especially if you don’t want your A1c to jump 3 points or waist to expand 3 inches.

During this time of year, I recommend (1) planning in advance, (2) journaling thoughts and feelings, (3) revisiting your compelling reasons for living a naturally healthy life, and (4) using holiday activities to practice being intentional with your thoughts and actions.

Listen to my 4 Holiday Bootcamp videos on Facebook by clicking the links below. During these videos, I offer tools and strategies to survive – and THRIVE – during the holidays. Then, download some free tools for planning your holiday success below.

Holiday Bootcamp Videos

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