Let's talk resistance, prediabetes, & type 2 diabetes.

The belief that the American "health care" system creates health is why we are failing as a country

to be healthy.

Our childhood doctor's visits guide us to healthy living.

As children, we are raised going to pediatricians for “wellness visits”. 

We receive:

  • vaccinations to prevent disease
  • information about healthy diets and avoiding junk foods
  • advice for daily exercises and avoiding TV/screen time

Somewhere in our lifespan, visits shift from wellness to disease treatment.

Many women continue to believe they are getting “this is how to be healthy” guidance even when they are at a “this is how we treat your disease” visit.  

We are led to believe that medications given to treat disease is being healthy.

Women in America still believe they can turn to their medical team to learn how to be healthy. 

Unfortunately, that belief is problematic. Our healthcare system is designed to treat illness by providing medications that have side-effects like nausea, bloating, and weight gain.

And, for those on insulin, finger sticks and injections are painful and inconvenient. They are worried, saddened and even fearful that life is passing them by while they are sick.

Disappointment develops when they continue to be ill despite taking medications. Then we need more medications for additional ailments, and the cycle continues…

Type 2 diabetes is NOT something going WRONG with your body.

It is a NATURAL RESPONSE to the things

you are feeding your body.

Many people believe that type 2 diabetes is due to either:

  1. too much sugar in their diet.
  2. or they do not have enough insulin in their diet.

The fact of the matter is they are

insulin resistant.

What does that mean?

When insulin contacts a healthy cell:

Insulin binds to the cell surface, opening a port in the cell wall, allowing glucose to move inside the cell.

Inside the cell, the glucose is burned as fuel. 

Insulin (yellow) binding with insulin receptor (purple) in a cell membrane
Insulin enters the cell

In an insulin RESISTANT cell:

The cell membrane resists the effects of the insulin. 

This prevents the cell from opening the port and moving glucose inside.

Glucose builds up outside of the cells in the blood, resulting in diabetes. 

What causes insulin resistance?

Glucose.  Lots and lots of glucose causes insulin resistance. 

We consume high levels of glucose in the food we eat. 

The carbs in our foods, particularly the processed foods with high flour (which is converted to glucose during digestion) and sugar content are digested into glucose. 

A glucose concentration causes our pancreas to make more insulin. 

When we eat a lot of glucose, our pancreas makes a lot of insulin. 

When we hit a threshold limit of insulin, our cells become overwhelmed and stop responding to the insulin. 

This allows the blood sugars outside the cell to climb high–diabetes. 

Insulin resistance not only results in elevated glucose, but it also results in poor energy utilization within the cell.  In addition to the insulin resistance and cellular misfunction. 

Elevated blood sugars harm our bodies by damaging:

  • The cell lining our blood vessels in our heart and brain, leading to heart disease & strokes. 
  • The cells in our eyes, leading to blindness. 
  • The cells in our kidneys, leading to kidney failure. 
  • The nerves in our bodies leading to neuropathy

Medications that lower blood sugars is not the fix, we need to CHANGE the PRODUCTION of

insulin in our pancreas.

We can do this by altering the foods we eat. 

Instead of managing type 2 diabetes we can REVERSE it.