Ep #13 Crossing the River of Misery


Achieving new results requires we adjust our mindset and challenge fixed beliefs. Most people think a new mindset comes only after we’ve accomplished our goals. In this podcast, I challenge this notion and propose that we must first establish new thoughts before we can achieve a new outcome. For myself, I often use the analogy of a river with the old me standing on one riverbank and the better version on the other riverbank. Using this analogy, I recognize the challenges that come with navigating rough, cold and unknown waters to achieve my fullest potential.

Ep #27 The Ultimate Cause of Overweight and Obesity

When it comes to any problem, there are proximate and ultimate causes. The proximate cause is the event most obviously or immediately responsible for an outcome. In contrast, the ultimate cause is the higher-level cause and often the “real” reason the problem occurred. When it comes to the problem of losing weight, we often focus on proximate causes because it’s easier or more obvious. The proximate cause of being overweight or obese is overeating. The ultimate cause, however, is the underlying thoughts that drive us to want and desire foods that don’t serve our body. During this podcast, I discuss the concept of proximate versus ultimate cause and how coaching can help dig into the underlying thoughts that drive weight gain.

Ep #17 Getting Results: Thought Model Series (1 of 4)

Permanent weight loss requires understanding thoughts. Thoughts drive emotions, actions and inevitably your results. Evaluating thoughts critically, challenging fixed false beliefs and being intentional with new thoughts are key components of getting results, including permanent weight loss. In this four-part podcast series, I discuss the thought model in-depth. During this episode, I provide an overview of the theoretical model called the Thought Model. The next episodes will focus on (1) thought downloads, which help you critically evaluate thoughts, (2) being intentional with your thoughts, and (3) planning for the future.

Ep #15 Where Would You Be?

Have you ever considered all the things in your life that you’ve started and stopped? All the things you didn’t follow through on, such as professional aspirations, personal commitments, gym memberships and weight loss programs? We’ve all had the experience of getting a great plan and then watching it fizzle out. We give ourselves innocent sounding excuses, but most of the time this is our primitive brain seeking the path of least resistance. In this podcast, I ask the question “How different would your life be if you ALWAYS followed through on your plans?” and discuss how our primitive brain often sabotages plans, including weight loss efforts.

Ep #14 Are You Being Manipulative?

Manipulation is a behavior that involves managing or influencing skillfully, typically in an unfair or coercive manner. While commonly used in interpersonal relationships to achieve a desired outcome, we often turn to these same techniques to motivate our own weight loss efforts. Just like a spouse or coworker may rebel against manipulative tactics, self-manipulation typically undermines our desired outcomes. In this podcast, I discuss how manipulation or coercion is ineffective and I offer self-love as a more effective motivational tool.

Ep #12 Daily Practice, Failure & Fine-Tuning

Any new skill requires practice, failure and fine-tuning to become proficient. The practice of losing and managing weight is no different. Each day, you will encounter small successes and failures that will require you adjusting your approach. The challenge is to see these failures as opportunities to refine your plan rather than let them undermine your progress. In fact, every failure brings you one step closer to success and is a natural part of the learning process. In this podcast, Dr. Vaughn discusses how practice and failure is a necessary and inevitable part of the weight loss process.

Ep #11 Permanent Weight Loss Mindset

Like a toddler learning to walk, sometimes we struggle and fall. Setbacks are expected anytime you are practicing a new skill, such as managing weight. The ability to overcome these setbacks, regain balance and continue moving forward is necessary to successful and sustained weight loss. This podcast discusses how having a determined mindset is essential to achieving and maintaining permanent weight loss. Listen to more DelaneMD Podcasts on www.delanemd.com, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

Ep #10 Food Journaling: An Essential Habit for Weight Loss

Food journaling is essential to permanently lose weight. Why? Because it works! Studies have shown journaling to contribute to successful and sustained weight loss. Food journaling provides data to help with food plans and decision making. In this podcast, I discuss the efficacy and components of food journaling for effective and permanent weight loss.

Ep #6 Good & Bad Emotions

Do you use food, alcohol or another vice to buffer away negative emotions? Buffering is the attempt to avoid feeling bad by pursing false pleasures. The truth is, a truly authentic and full-life is a balance of positive and negative emotions. Recognizing and accepting this balance can help to avoid many of the pitfalls that undermine weight loss efforts. In this podcast, I discuss the very challenging concept that good and bad emotions are necessary and learning to accept and manage this balance is essential.

Ep #5 Failure: The Key to Success

When it comes to losing weight, most people look for “fool proof” diet plans that promise success without decision-making. When these highly-structured plans don’t work, we blame the plan. Shifting blame to the plan allows our primitive brain to emotionally insulate ourselves from feelings of failure. This natural inclination to avoid feelings of failure undermines weight loss efforts by removing the trial and error process, which is necessary to achieve success. This podcast discusses how this fear of failure may be undermining your weight loss efforts.