Ep #16 Should Happens: How Expectations Undermine Happiness

Commonly, we have predefined and implicit expectations of other people. In coaching, we refer to this concept as our manual. Our manuals for spouses, friends, neighbors and coworkers are often extensive. When people fall short of these expectations, our thoughts spiral and assign meanings to their actions. These thoughts cause emotional turmoil, which often result in actions like buffering with food, alcohol or other vises undermining our weight loss efforts. During this podcast, I discuss this concept and present an alternative approach.

Ep #13 How Meditation Helps with Weight Loss

Meditation is a useful tool for managing stress, cravings and achieving permanent weight loss. Through actively calming the mind and body, meditation can reduce the stress hormones that contribute to weight gain. Additionally, the practice of meditation allows you to train your brain to better manage urges and cravings. Meditation also allows you to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions that drive actions and inevitably your results. During this podcast Dr. Vaughn will discuss the practice of meditation, the physiological effects on the body, the meditation mindset and recommendations for how to get started.

Ep #11 Permanent Weight Loss Mindset

Like a toddler learning to walk, sometimes we struggle and fall. Setbacks are expected anytime you are practicing a new skill, such as managing weight. The ability to overcome these setbacks, regain balance and continue moving forward is necessary to successful and sustained weight loss. This podcast discusses how having a determined mindset is essential to achieving and maintaining permanent weight loss. Listen to more DelaneMD Podcasts on www.delanemd.com, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

Ep #9 Controlling Urges and Cravings

Learning to manage urges and food cravings is essential to lose weight and prevent weight-related disease. In this podcast, Dr. Vaughn discusses managing the strong desires or impulses to eat foods that don’t serve the body. She introduces the idea of recognizing and validating the urge without acting upon or complying to the urge. In addition, Dr. Vaughn recommends using the Urge Pad as a tool for managing unproductive thoughts and feelings that often undermine weight loss efforts.